lemon and coconut muffins

Organic lemon, coconut and olive oil muffins

This morning it was my turn to bring morning tea to the office. Bringing food to the office a relatively new thing for me, because a few years ago when I started working with Darren we would occasionally meet at a cafe to discuss our production schedule. These days, the team has grown so much [...] Read More


What goes in – May 2014

What goes in Water Walking Organic Fermented Fish Slowing down Finding a way Epsom salts Movies Nature Good thoughts Chocolate What stays out Preservatives Chemicals Numbers Too much news Inconsequential Bad thoughts Chocolate  


When I Find a way To pause Then with small steps (Or great daring) Find something creative in my day (Every day) I feel alive Always

Autumn leaves

A collection of thoughts in Autumn

Life long learning and growing minds My eldest son starts high school next year. We’ve been tossing and turning over the choice of secondary schools since he was in the womb. If you live in Melbourne you’ll know that there is much debate around the benefits of a private education, and I nearly put his [...] Read More

Loopy Dave and Lil El's cover image for Toby vs Armageddon graphic novellete

April, Artwork, Accomplishment and Antics

I’m not sure about you, but something about the quarter-way mark of 2014 seemed to cause a few freelancers – myself included – to pause, reassess and aim a little higher for 2014. Taking on more work is always exciting but I always consider the potential impact to my work quality and more importantly, my [...] Read More

dog and boy looking out at the sun set

Resting in remarkable

Interesting moments connect us, sometimes. A number of years ago I would speak to colleagues about the importance of sharing seemingly trivial moments, when I was advocating the uptake of social media in a big corporation. Those small moments help us to foster familiarity. New connections can lead to collaboration. And in a supported environment, [...] Read More

Dream it, think it, tweet it, build it, drive it

Imagine you had a dream to build a life size car out of Lego complete with an air-fueled engine. Now imagine you have that dream, but you are a teenager living in Romania. You start to add up what it takes – More than 500,000 LEGO pieces. – Time and money to build this thing, [...] Read More

Samuel Johnson

Wrapping up 2013 with my skates on

Ever felt like you wobbled through your year in a pair of turbo charged rollerskates on a bmx track, being cheered on by friends and then arriving at the finish line to think..woah, I did that! I made it. This year there have been days when I’ve felt like I’m turning into my Greek mother-in-law…making [...] Read More

A fabulous frock for fundraising

The challenge of a fabulous frockathon

We did it! Today is the last day of October which means I am wearing my final frock for FROCKTOBER! If I lived in a warmer climate, I’m certain this frockathon would have been easier. I’d simply be able to slip on a dress each day and voila! Dressed up! There would be no cardigans [...] Read More

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