Did you stop making art? (art counts)

You put your tools down, she said. Did you stop making art?

It seemed that way

Twenty years

One love with a guy

Three pregnancies

Countless drawings

Input, output

Did you stop making art?

But I made, okay…they made…we made

An online world

I made, we made, ways to learn

All ways for art, in our lives

Did you stop?


Oh no, I love to do, do you?


Oh no, how could I not?


Oh no…

If you mean that contemplative space

More than

Deeper than

Sweeter than

If you mean

Following that vision, chasing dreams and catching whispers of imagination

I can tell you a secret

It never left

20 years blinked


Chuckled, swam, and rolled with life

So look, look now

Does art feel each second pass?

Do visions last?

Who’s counting, anyway?







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