Ever tried defining or demonstrating Twitter to somebody? Yup. Easy? Nope.

The effect has been defined as ambient intimacy, the social sixth sense, amongst others. I’ll take a quick turn at trying to define the essence and why I think it works.

Twitter Essence in 10 lines (in no particular order)

  1. A conversation to nobody, everybody and your connections all at once.
  2. Ultra-IM. Instant Messaging not on demand.
  3. Un-email. Email with no inbox, no envelope.
  4. URL tip-off junket.
  5. Lifelogging on a budget – a micro journal of events.
  6. Word playground for profound moments.
  7. Random thought wall for less profound moments, mindless moments even.
  8. Techie thermometer. Geek epiphany capturer.
  9. Modern office banter bouncer to a global audience. Head popping over the partition moments on steroids. The nothing moments that mean something over a period of time.
  10. Blogger in a bottle -on tap. What makes that Blogger tick?

Does that help? Or did I just confuse you some more?

You  can find me on Twitter here.

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