The iPad as a musical instrument? Let’s take a look-see.

Maybe you like to mess with the classics


Or your nights are spent making music ’round a campfire


You might get your kicks out beats and the sounds of synth

[youtube=] (created on this)

Or you just like to geek out with  music and fireworks

Perhaps you like to karaoke. Maybe you play the Ocarina. Just hit record then spin the world to hear global harmonies belted out in passionate unison.

Maybe your air guitar days have become a cyber reality


It could be that you just like to scratch


And when you’re not scratching your rapping


What do you think? A musical instrument? Musical conduit? Sonic expression? Bells and Whistles?


And now imagine a child living in rural or remote areas with an iPad, or an OLPC tablet. Learning. Playing. Creating.


Now Press Play

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