We were stuck inside the house most of the weekend as the kids recovered from winter headcolds. So we made up some Lemon Yoghurt muffins to cure hungry tummies and a dose of boredom. I can’t give you the exact recipe, because I sort of make these things up. Most times they work. But sometimes they don’t and I end up with egg on my face. These muffins, thankfully, turned out a treat and disappeared in minutes.

Most of the time I use this banana muffin recipe as a baseline and throw things in until they look to be the right consistency. I know, some of you are probably cringing. But I prefer guidelines to hard set rules, any day!

Kids were peckish so we whipped up some lemon yoghurt and orange rind muffins for #supper #yum

Unrecipe for Lemon Yoghurt Muffins

approx half cup Vaalia lemon yoghurt

quarter cup olive oil

a little finely grated orange find (picked from the in-law’s tree)

a tiny squeeze of orange juice

self raising flour

caster sugar

one free range egg

pinch of salt

dash of milk

mix liquids together with a fork then add dry ingredients and gently fold with a spoon (not for too long)

15 minutes at 180 celsius fan force


Do you prefer guidelines for creative feasting? Or do think that a recipe is a tried and tested preference for perfection?

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