Creature, Feather, Sparkle, Shine

Found a baby in my pot of spearmint!

The artist who collects feathers

Pretties at Lilydale Antiques

family walk

I’m really enjoying looking at things. Really looking. And looking again.

I’m rearranging pictures and stacking paintings against the wall.

I’m looking at picture books.

I’m practicing.







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  • Beautiful images, amazing what we can see when we stop to really look. Kids are great at this ;)

    • wonderwebby

      Thanks Nathalie. We’re always so rushed that it’s so easy to glance instead of really soaking in images …. sometimes we just need a reminder to slow down and look properly :)

  • Its funny how many times we walk around without really seeing, and then when we open up our eyes we see the most amazing sights ;)