Starting Over

Some days I feel like starting this blog over again. Stopping the blog. Creating a new brand.

Nearly 8 years have passed since I started Wonderwebby. It was my first blog, apart from a small blog on our intranet back when I was working at IBM. I started off blogging about web2.0 and all the things I was discovering about what seemed like the complete reinvention of the web. I blogged later about fundraising for social good, innovation, digital marketing, collaboration, learning through play, creativity, life-drawing and photography.
I almost didn't make it along to Life Drawing Group this week. I'm so glad I went! #creativetime #lookingafterme

Since starting this blog I have had a third child, celebrated 13 years of marriage, seen all of my children starting school, quit my job at IBM and started working for a blogger. But in all of this time, my blog has been a personal series of posts with a common theme, I think, of the wonderful webby possibilities and more recently, bringing creativity to life.

Then, this year I started my fortnightly personal Tiny Letter ‘Creative Notes.’ I love writing it, I enjoy the replies and conversations. I’m about to write my fourth Tiny Letter to send out tomorrow. It’s exciting. I could almost stop blogging here and put all of my focus on the Creative Notes brand.


Except that Wonderwebby has become my brand. I feel like there is a history here in my blog, a journey, a viewpoint, a thumbprint.

So I won’t stop blogging. Not yet. And here’s my personal blogging plan…

Anything can happen.

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  • Shai Coggins

    What a coincidence! Just blogged about what it means to “refresh” over at my blog. :)

    So yes, I can totally empathise about wanting to stop and to start over, especially when it comes to blogging. My life has changed so much since I started blogging, and that’s reflected in my main blog that I started 14+ years ago. So, it all seems like a massive jumble of things at times. But, every time I consider just stopping and restarting something else, I find myself going back.

    I think, for people who have been blogging for as long as we have, our blogs have become part of who we are. It’s not us, but it’s become a small (but important) reflection.

    Wishing you well, always, for all the things that you do!
    Shai Coggins recently posted..April: “Refresh”

  • wonderwebby

    Hello Shai! Yes, I absolutely relate to the jumbled up blog. And yes, long term personal blogs have a knack of becoming part of our everyday lives…a way to reflect, to mark important events, to connect and create.
    Hope to meet up again, one day! :)

  • Lisa Wood

    I too often wonder about blogging – it takes up a lot of time!! Yet its in my blood, I can’t imagine not ever blogging.
    I think that finding what works for you as a blogger is what a blog is all about…its almost like a personal online diary!!

    And connecting with others is what makes life so interesting. I love reading your blog posts, and I love getting your Tiny Letters in my inbox :)
    Lisa Wood recently posted..Kiama Mind Body Spirit Shop

    • wonderwebby

      Lisa thanks so much for your comment, I really appreciate hearing that you enjoy the blog posts and Tiny Letters. Grateful x

  • Annabel Candy, Get In the Hot Spot

    Hi Jasmin,

    You’ve been at it a while. I think I started my blog six years ago but only wrote one post! Didn’t really get started until four years ago.

    They have to grow and evolve with us. I am constantly tweaking mine and changing slogans which feels like a failure in many ways but I have to remind myself that all good businesses (and people!) change and evolve.

    I think that’s what makes it interesting.

    You have a great brand. No need to start anew just incorporate it all into this one blog including the tiny letters which sound great. I’ve just signed up :)

    Keep up the great work.
    Annabel Candy, Get In the Hot Spot recently posted..Weekly Travel Photo: Palm Beach, Waiheke Island, New Zealand

    • wonderwebby

      Hi Annabel. I’m really touched by your comment and your kind words about my brand. Really appreciate the encouragement, thanks so much x