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Welcome to wonderwebby , where creativity comes to life!

I’m a busy, everyday mum running a household with three primary school aged boys, an equally busy husband and I work part-time in a job I love. You might think that keeps me occupied 100% of the time, but I’ve discovered that because I’m a creative person,  I’m happiest when I also make the time to keep my creative side alive.  In the last year alone, I have found ways to keep my artistic side thriving by:

* taking life drawing classes (something I always wanted to do)
* focusing on my photography again
* making space for pace
* looking after my health better than ever — making healthy and creative meals
* booking in to travel to World Domination Summit this July (in Portland Ontario)
* introducing a puppy to our family and going for daily walks

And I feel great. I’m happy. Because I’m nurturing my creativity and finding my artistic strength again.

As someone who has rediscovered how to be creative amongst the busyness of life,  I believe everyone can rediscover their creative side to improve their quality of life. I’m proud to be able to share my approach to letting creativity come to life and seeing ideas flourish once again.
Inside this personal blog Wonderwebby you’ll discover ways to keep your ideas flourishing and examples of creative dreams coming true. Stories that have unfolded over a short period of time. Tips that I have learned over a longer time working with creative people. Examples of the simple things I do to fuel my creative side.
A friend recently wrote on my Facebook wall …“happy in life drawing class…happy in life!”
And I couldn’t agree more.
I hope you’ll join me on your own creative journey and share your progress with me.

PS This blog is not about pressuring myself or anyone else to be creative. Wonderwebby is all about how creativity happens when you are being thoughtful, mindful, and being kind to yourself (and others!) Because I really believe wonderful things can happen when you are doing the things you love.

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My photos are taken with an iPhone4 and most are edited using Instagram.