How would you describe this brand?

This is a bit of an awkward post. You see, recently a couple of people have mentioned the ‘Wonderwebby’ brand to me during conversation. Brand? What brand? To be honest, I keep forgetting that I have a brand at all. I see it as: a blog which I have been neglecting, photos which I don’t [...] Read More

Starting Over

Some days I feel like starting this blog over again. Stopping the blog. Creating a new brand. Nearly 8 years have passed since I started Wonderwebby. It was my first blog, apart from a small blog on our intranet back when I was working at IBM. I started off blogging about web2.0 and all the [...] Read More

ProBlogger Training Event 2012 and a Day Spa next year please

What a week! I’m finally resurfacing after ProBlogger Training Event 2012. This is the second ProBlogger Event I’ve had the pleasure of helping to organise. As usual, I didn’t get the chance to attend many sessions. However managed to spend some time chatting to people and speakers in between breaks. One of the most consistent [...] Read More

And now for some vintage inspiration. Moments and memories.

Perhaps as I am headed towards a significant birthday, I’ve recently been admiring many things of yesteryear. There’s something so fun and creative in all things retro. This week I headed out to some op-shops with a few girlfriends after working hard on the late-night launch of an ebook (about iPhone photography…loved working on this [...] Read More

Cheers to the truth tellers

I sat in the quietest of rooms at BlogHer12, stunned by the lack of attendees in a session hosted by some incredible women who have changed lives. Wow, that’s interesting. “It’s not interesting. It’s an issue.” replied the political commentator live-blogging behind me. Here I was at a conference with over 5000 bloggers all wanting [...] Read More

On the other side of New York (and a bit of navel-gazing)

***** PART ONE: NAVEL GAZING ***** I thought I’d share a  few more things about me before the trip, because hey, it’s always helpful when you’re meeting new people! I never got a degree but I did get a Masters. I never thought I would get married, in the official sense. But (to my surprise) [...] Read More

Travel Tip Round-up and Plans for Adventure

I can hardly believe that on Saturday I’ll be flying from Australia to New York. Thanks for such wonderful travel tips in my last post, to help me prepare for my trip to BlogHer. Apparently there will be 4,500 bloggers attending…wow! Please say hi if you’re going to be there – and if you’re heading [...] Read More

Wonderwebby HQ update

It’s been a while since I’ve shared about my daily work, so I thought I’d jot down a few things that are happening at Wonderwebby HQ. Getting Ready for a Big Blogging Training Event Funny how life works out. One minute you’re blogging, the next thing you’re working for a blogger to create a conference [...] Read More

New York, a SuperAwesomeMicroProject and the Fish Slap

What a week! I’m just pausing now to catch my breath and the thought just occurred to me… …if I never started using Twitter, I never would have started blogging and I would never have imagined that one day I would be working for a blogger – let alone be heading to a conference in [...] Read More

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