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Resting in remarkable

Interesting moments connect us, sometimes. A number of years ago I would speak to colleagues about the importance of sharing seemingly trivial moments, when I was advocating the uptake of social media in a big corporation. Those small moments help us to foster familiarity. New connections can lead to collaboration. And in a supported environment, [...] Read More

Samuel Johnson

Wrapping up 2013 with my skates on

Ever felt like you wobbled through your year in a pair of turbo charged rollerskates on a bmx track, being cheered on by friends and then arriving at the finish line to think..woah, I did that! I made it. This year there have been days when I’ve felt like I’m turning into my Greek mother-in-law…making [...] Read More


Choosing an artistic adventure

Today I launched an idea. Basically, instead of joining in a creative challenge, you can create your own artistic adventure. Your own ideas. Your own rules. Not forced or something you strive for each day, but something that comes naturally as you live a creative life. (you can read more about it on the archives [...] Read More

The year I boosted my creativity

2012 has become the year I boosted my creativity. As a working parent of 3 boys, I can’t begin to tell you how good this is! You  might have noticed that the theme for Wonderwebby these year has been “bringing creativity to life” and I’ll continue this focus next year. First a bit of background: [...] Read More

In the style of Megan Morton

  (Megan Morton inspires, supported by Sophie the Stylist) In my mind, people are more important than things; experience is more valuable than acquisition. Only problem is, I’m a visual person! I’m not one to be wooed by status symbols, but I can’t help but be enticed by a room, scene or page filled with [...] Read More

The Power of We

Today is Blog Action Day and this year’s theme is “The Power of We”.  So I made up this little ditty.   Why is there power in US more than I? Together WE help, together WE try THEM becomes US, YOU becomes I A world of MEs cared for when WE meet their cry.   [...] Read More

Life happens. Keep on creating

You know the feeling…you begin a creative project only to find life gets in the way, or something else comes up? Case in point: this year, I started life drawing lessons. I spent two terms enjoying my weekly drive to the country and time to nurture the creative side of myself. I set myself a [...] Read More

And now for some vintage inspiration. Moments and memories.

Perhaps as I am headed towards a significant birthday, I’ve recently been admiring many things of yesteryear. There’s something so fun and creative in all things retro. This week I headed out to some op-shops with a few girlfriends after working hard on the late-night launch of an ebook (about iPhone photography…loved working on this [...] Read More

Stop Being Creative

Stop. Don’t make anything. Put down that iPhone camera. Just be. At least that’s what I’ve found myself doing this week. As soon as I find myself in a contant information consumption mode, I know it has been too long between breaks. The creator becomes the consumed. Instead of seeing the world, you’re just looking [...] Read More

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