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April, Artwork, Accomplishment and Antics

I’m not sure about you, but something about the quarter-way mark of 2014 seemed to cause a few freelancers – myself included – to pause, reassess and aim a little higher for 2014. Taking on more work is always exciting but I always consider the potential impact to my work quality and more importantly, my [...] Read More

Samuel Johnson

Wrapping up 2013 with my skates on

Ever felt like you wobbled through your year in a pair of turbo charged rollerskates on a bmx track, being cheered on by friends and then arriving at the finish line to think..woah, I did that! I made it. This year there have been days when I’ve felt like I’m turning into my Greek mother-in-law…making [...] Read More

Wonderwebby HQ update

It’s been a while since I’ve shared about my daily work, so I thought I’d jot down a few things that are happening at Wonderwebby HQ. Getting Ready for a Big Blogging Training Event Funny how life works out. One minute you’re blogging, the next thing you’re working for a blogger to create a conference [...] Read More

More ebooks and ProBlogger’s blogging day

I love my job. Sometimes people ask if I design the ebooks for ProBlogger – no, not me. The talented Naomi Creek does that important piece of work. Here are some of the ebooks she has helped us to design recently for ProBlogger and Digital Photography School. Going Pro Kit – how to make money [...] Read More

An ebook and a plan to FeelGooder

  It’s fun putting pretty things together! And it’s not just pretty, there’s also a plan inside to help you to FeelBetter. If you get in quick you might get @problogger’s latest ebook for 50% off ($4.99 reduced from $9.99).  In fact be one of the first 3 to comment on this post and I’ll [...] Read More

Zone into reading and writing

How to enjoy writing online iA Writer for iPad from Oliver Reichenstein on Vimeo. —————- How to enjoy reading online (from Liza Daly speaking at Digital Book World) Getting Past Good Enough Ebooks: Liza Daly Makes me want to write and read. How about you?

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