lemon and coconut muffins

Organic lemon, coconut and olive oil muffins

This morning it was my turn to bring morning tea to the office. Bringing food to the office a relatively new thing for me, because a few years ago when I started working with Darren we would occasionally meet at a cafe to discuss our production schedule. These days, the team has grown so much [...] Read More


What goes in – May 2014

What goes in Water Walking Organic Fermented Fish Slowing down Finding a way Epsom salts Movies Nature Good thoughts Chocolate What stays out Preservatives Chemicals Numbers Too much news Inconsequential Bad thoughts Chocolate  

Food, family, feast

Food is so creative. Such a celebration of life. Here are some photos that I’ve taken of food over the last couple of years. Just looking at them brings back memories of barbeques with friends, Greek Easter feasts, school lunch treats and celebrations a-plenty. Although I feel like I’m always taking pictures of food, I [...] Read More

Friday Popcorn

I like to make popcorn in the pan, on the stovetop. Yes, there are “instant bags” you can put in the microwave, but there’s something nostalgic and fun in the “poppity pop pop” of the corn on the stovetop. And as long as you continue to shake the saucepan, it doesn’t burn on the bottom [...] Read More

Quinces and Dreams

I want to plant a quince tree. Or three. Tomorrow. (Or maybe Monday, when I have the house to myself again.) And when they’ve grown, I want to make quince paste. And jam. (Or maybe some days, I’d just enjoy the blossoms.) ***** Last week on our holiday to South Australia, we visited Maggie Beer’s [...] Read More

Hot Cross Bundraiser

Growing up, I remember Hot Cross Buns as a once-a-year-fresh-out-of-the-oven-with-butter-and-I’ve-been-waiting-for-ever-to-eat-some event. So these days when I see them in the supermarkets months before Easter, it just seems, well, wrong. So, it’s almost Easter now, and today we (I know, we should wait, right? :)) sampled some Hot Cross Buns courtesy of Bakers Delight. I agreed [...] Read More

Of Banana Muffins and Burnt Fig Jam

Oh look…a steaming hot muffin, with a little Maggie Beer Burnt Fig Jam and a dollop of natural yoghurt….yum! Now where did it go?? <Looks the other way….> I make these muffins every so often for school lunches, although last week  I ate one (okay, maybe two!) with jam and yoghurt as a little ‘grown up’ [...] Read More

Roast vegetables and fresh snapdragons

What do you do when you finally have a couple of hours to yourself each day? You take your time making a roast vegetable salad with pumpkin, green capsicum, eggplant, mushrooms, garlic and spanish onion  – with a drizzling of olive oil and rock salt (baked in an 190 degree C oven for 45 mins). [...] Read More

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