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Heartfelt Five. A response to everyday wonder.

Last week, I took a photo each day from Monday to Friday. I shared them on Instagram, named the day and described something I experienced. I didn’t set out to do a series. My intent on Monday was to document a heartfelt moment. And then I kept sharing one photo each day. I guess you [...] Read More


Keeping it real. Really beautiful.

In this space. I share. A moment. Feeling. Colour. Roses. Is it a pose? Is beauty a ploy? Or do we share these things as life remembered? ***** Hands are for holding, arms for embracing. Words and pictures decorate our minds and dance into lives. Let your status updates flow freely my friend. Let your [...] Read More

Loving life, learning and finding creativity almost by accident

Creativity happens when you’re living life as only you can. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. Maybe because we’re starting to look at high schools for our eldest, which has made us reflect on the definition of success. Maybe because I’m trying to pace my life a little better this year and looking [...] Read More

The year I boosted my creativity

2012 has become the year I boosted my creativity. As a working parent of 3 boys, I can’t begin to tell you how good this is! You  might have noticed that the theme for Wonderwebby these year has been “bringing creativity to life” and I’ll continue this focus next year. First a bit of background: [...] Read More

In the style of Megan Morton

  (Megan Morton inspires, supported by Sophie the Stylist) In my mind, people are more important than things; experience is more valuable than acquisition. Only problem is, I’m a visual person! I’m not one to be wooed by status symbols, but I can’t help but be enticed by a room, scene or page filled with [...] Read More

Making Pictures

We’re always making pictures. We paint pictures of our past. Create pictures for our future. Dreams. Hopes. Aspirations. We imagine. We worry. And so we focus. Then we take pictures. Creative expression. Shared interpretation. *** I’ve been spending time re-focusing. Asking myself where I want to invest my imagination. Enjoying the moment. No, not just [...] Read More


A couple of years ago I noticed that World Vision Australia had hired the enthusiastic and passionate Richenda from overseas to head up their social media presence. Cool, I thought. I want to meet this person. Not long after she attended our first NetSquared meet-up in Melbourne. Admittedly, I put her on the spot a [...] Read More

Who said drawing was easy, anyway?

This year one of my goals was to join a Life Drawing Group. I love it – a beautiful drive through the hills to spend two uninterrupted hours of bliss, all electronic devices turned off, eye to canvas, charcoal to paper, a slice of artistic heaven. Or so I thought. Okay, so it’s pretty wonderful [...] Read More

Little big acts of kindness

People can find all sorts of creative ways to make a difference. Sometimes they don’t realise what a huge impact they’ve made from a cooked meal or some assistance they gave to a friend or stranger . You probably have a story to tell about a “little big” act of kindness from your own life.  [...] Read More

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