Autumn leaves

A collection of thoughts in Autumn

Life long learning and growing minds My eldest son starts high school next year. We’ve been tossing and turning over the choice of secondary schools since he was in the womb. If you live in Melbourne you’ll know that there is much debate around the benefits of a private education, and I nearly put his [...] Read More

dog and boy looking out at the sun set

Resting in remarkable

Interesting moments connect us, sometimes. A number of years ago I would speak to colleagues about the importance of sharing seemingly trivial moments, when I was advocating the uptake of social media in a big corporation. Those small moments help us to foster familiarity. New connections can lead to collaboration. And in a supported environment, [...] Read More

Pace and adventures of the wonderful kind

Pace. Sometimes pace is hurried and we skip between beats, jump over tracks and dodge hurdles. This year I’ve been trying to make ‘space for pace’ so that I have time to think and let creativity simmer. That’s a bit of a challenge when you work and have a family of five and a puppy. [...] Read More

2013 goals, fairytales and world domination

Creativity, my soul and breath, it’s good to see you again. Last year I looked, listened, collaborated, learned, wandered, volunteered and finally nurtured my creativity again. It was life-changing. I feel like me, again. You see, I was sort of stuck in a creative rut. So I tried a few things out last year: A [...] Read More


Last weekend we went for a drive, searching for treasure. Here are some of the things we found… Here are my favourite treasures, dipping their toes into some cool water after our day of discovery. Grateful.

Daisy Chains and the day I unearthed my creativity

Some days, you just need to make a daisy chain. ***** This video sums it up just about perfectly 1. We need to acknowledge one another. It’s good for us. 2. It’s good to just get into the zone. A creative zone. Lost in the moment. It’s creative. 3. Pay attention. Often that means paying [...] Read More

Mother’s Day Weekend

unexpected surprises in three acts ***** ACT I marshmallows in a fire pit ***** ACT II cheese platter from my boys ***** ACT III it doesn’t have to be sunny to enjoy the beach #sundayart ***** I didn’t even include the photos of the rainbows we saw on Saturday. The cute gifts that my boys [...] Read More


A couple of years ago I noticed that World Vision Australia had hired the enthusiastic and passionate Richenda from overseas to head up their social media presence. Cool, I thought. I want to meet this person. Not long after she attended our first NetSquared meet-up in Melbourne. Admittedly, I put her on the spot a [...] Read More

Sand and soul

Sand. Soul. Space. That’s my 7 year old sitting next to some driftwood, around 8 in the morning last Saturday. Me, I’m the one taking the photo before putting my phone back into my pocket until we walked back, so that I appreciate the rest of the moment with him. I still like looking at [...] Read More

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