cherry blossoms and sunshine by wonderwebby


I’ve been quite reflective this year. I’ve slowed down. Stepped back. Said no more often. But time isn’t just a healer. She’s like a mother. And I think I’m ready to start making art again.   Photos shared with Creative Commons Licensing by me

find inspiration everyday

Heartfelt Five. A response to everyday wonder.

Last week, I took a photo each day from Monday to Friday. I shared them on Instagram, named the day and described something I experienced. I didn’t set out to do a series. My intent on Monday was to document a heartfelt moment. And then I kept sharing one photo each day. I guess you [...] Read More

Creature, Feather, Sparkle, Shine

I’m really enjoying looking at things. Really looking. And looking again. I’m rearranging pictures and stacking paintings against the wall. I’m looking at picture books. I’m practicing. Shuffling. Sorting. Seeing. Shaping. Creating.  

And now for some vintage inspiration. Moments and memories.

Perhaps as I am headed towards a significant birthday, I’ve recently been admiring many things of yesteryear. There’s something so fun and creative in all things retro. This week I headed out to some op-shops with a few girlfriends after working hard on the late-night launch of an ebook (about iPhone photography…loved working on this [...] Read More

When you’ve not been overseas in a long, long time

When you’ve not been overseas in a long, long time (The last time I went was in 1999)… Okay that’s about as far as I’m getting with a poem today. But I AM excited about my trip to NYC  which is coming up in two weeks! Yes, it has been a while between trips overseas. [...] Read More

Mother’s Day Weekend

unexpected surprises in three acts ***** ACT I marshmallows in a fire pit ***** ACT II cheese platter from my boys ***** ACT III it doesn’t have to be sunny to enjoy the beach #sundayart ***** I didn’t even include the photos of the rainbows we saw on Saturday. The cute gifts that my boys [...] Read More

Sand and soul

Sand. Soul. Space. That’s my 7 year old sitting next to some driftwood, around 8 in the morning last Saturday. Me, I’m the one taking the photo before putting my phone back into my pocket until we walked back, so that I appreciate the rest of the moment with him. I still like looking at [...] Read More

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