Loving life, learning and finding creativity almost by accident

Creativity happens when you’re living life as only you can. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. Maybe because we’re starting to look at high schools for our eldest, which has made us reflect on the definition of success. Maybe because I’m trying to pace my life a little better this year and looking [...] Read More

2013 goals, fairytales and world domination

Creativity, my soul and breath, it’s good to see you again. Last year I looked, listened, collaborated, learned, wandered, volunteered and finally nurtured my creativity again. It was life-changing. I feel like me, again. You see, I was sort of stuck in a creative rut. So I tried a few things out last year: A [...] Read More

Creature, Feather, Sparkle, Shine

I’m really enjoying looking at things. Really looking. And looking again. I’m rearranging pictures and stacking paintings against the wall. I’m looking at picture books. I’m practicing. Shuffling. Sorting. Seeing. Shaping. Creating.  

In the style of Megan Morton

  (Megan Morton inspires, supported by Sophie the Stylist) In my mind, people are more important than things; experience is more valuable than acquisition. Only problem is, I’m a visual person! I’m not one to be wooed by status symbols, but I can’t help but be enticed by a room, scene or page filled with [...] Read More

Daisy Chains and the day I unearthed my creativity

Some days, you just need to make a daisy chain. ***** This video sums it up just about perfectly 1. We need to acknowledge one another. It’s good for us. 2. It’s good to just get into the zone. A creative zone. Lost in the moment. It’s creative. 3. Pay attention. Often that means paying [...] Read More


On significant birthdays Grateful Happy Reflective Stronger Relaxed Purposeful Creative Play

Life happens. Keep on creating

You know the feeling…you begin a creative project only to find life gets in the way, or something else comes up? Case in point: this year, I started life drawing lessons. I spent two terms enjoying my weekly drive to the country and time to nurture the creative side of myself. I set myself a [...] Read More

Travel Tip Round-up and Plans for Adventure

I can hardly believe that on Saturday I’ll be flying from Australia to New York. Thanks for such wonderful travel tips in my last post, to help me prepare for my trip to BlogHer. Apparently there will be 4,500 bloggers attending…wow! Please say hi if you’re going to be there – and if you’re heading [...] Read More

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