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I’ve been quite reflective this year. I’ve slowed down. Stepped back. Said no more often. But time isn’t just a healer. She’s like a mother. And I think I’m ready to start making art again.   Photos shared with Creative Commons Licensing by me

WDS in Portland

A World Domination Summit in three words

You are enough. After a few fun and intense days in Portland (followed by a short burst of school holidays, jetlag and deadlines) these three words linger in my heart and mind. You are enough. I wanted to write a neat summary of all that was said and done. But every time I tried I [...] Read More

2013 goals, fairytales and world domination

Creativity, my soul and breath, it’s good to see you again. Last year I looked, listened, collaborated, learned, wandered, volunteered and finally nurtured my creativity again. It was life-changing. I feel like me, again. You see, I was sort of stuck in a creative rut. So I tried a few things out last year: A [...] Read More

The year I boosted my creativity

2012 has become the year I boosted my creativity. As a working parent of 3 boys, I can’t begin to tell you how good this is! You  might have noticed that the theme for Wonderwebby these year has been “bringing creativity to life” and I’ll continue this focus next year. First a bit of background: [...] Read More

What we want

I once made the mistake of asking a senior creative how he fell into his job. “Oh I certainly didn’t fall into it.” He replied, and gave me the details of his determined corporate climb into his version of success. When I look back at the progression of my own professional career, I guess I [...] Read More

Making Pictures

We’re always making pictures. We paint pictures of our past. Create pictures for our future. Dreams. Hopes. Aspirations. We imagine. We worry. And so we focus. Then we take pictures. Creative expression. Shared interpretation. *** I’ve been spending time re-focusing. Asking myself where I want to invest my imagination. Enjoying the moment. No, not just [...] Read More

Cheers to the truth tellers

I sat in the quietest of rooms at BlogHer12, stunned by the lack of attendees in a session hosted by some incredible women who have changed lives. Wow, that’s interesting. “It’s not interesting. It’s an issue.” replied the political commentator live-blogging behind me. Here I was at a conference with over 5000 bloggers all wanting [...] Read More

Shy Girl Bragging

Shy is a girl I know so well. A brave, determined, quiet girl. ***** Q. What does Kindergarten Fundraising and a Blogging Event have in common? A. A shy girl making multiple phonecalls and emails to sponsors. {it’s true…and I’m getting better at it. Last year some kindergarten mums said to me “oh I could [...] Read More

New York, a SuperAwesomeMicroProject and the Fish Slap

What a week! I’m just pausing now to catch my breath and the thought just occurred to me… …if I never started using Twitter, I never would have started blogging and I would never have imagined that one day I would be working for a blogger – let alone be heading to a conference in [...] Read More

Little Big acts of kindness (part 2)

A couple of weeks ago I shared some little big acts of kindness – stories told by bloggers about actions taken to make a difference.  Here are two more stories I really wanted to share with you. Enjoy! ***** Simply Generous About 13 years ago, we moved into a house in Mackay with three boys [...] Read More

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