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The Power of We

Today is Blog Action Day and this year’s theme is “The Power of We”.  So I made up this little ditty.   Why is there power in US more than I? Together WE help, together WE try THEM becomes US, YOU becomes I A world of MEs cared for when WE meet their cry.   [...] Read More

Cheers to the truth tellers

I sat in the quietest of rooms at BlogHer12, stunned by the lack of attendees in a session hosted by some incredible women who have changed lives. Wow, that’s interesting. “It’s not interesting. It’s an issue.” replied the political commentator live-blogging behind me. Here I was at a conference with over 5000 bloggers all wanting [...] Read More

Community Blogging – a local group making a difference

Community Blogging is a fabulous new project from Nicole Avery aka PlanningQueen from Planning With Kids, along with Kathy from Play, Eat, Learn, Live,  Kate Pickle, Marita from Stuff With Thing, Amanda from A Permanent Flux, and Shae from Yay For Home. Nic recently wrote about how the idea eventuated. At the Problogger event in [...] Read More


Just happened to notice this. Wow. 900 comments on Wonderwebby over the last few years.  Over 300 posts. It’s always a treat when you pop by and say hello on my blog. I appreciate each comment made, even if I’m not the fastest person to respond. And when a number like this pops up, I [...] Read More

Hooroo IBM and so I go

Hooroo IBM And so I go Ten years I’ve worked with you A job awaits And so I go I’ll miss the global crew Bloggers afar Facebook friends Their thirst for innovation To hear what’s next For wonderwebby Stay tuned to this station… And so it goes, it’s true… ten years, four different jobs and [...] Read More

New home for Wonderwebby

I’ve finally moved my home – in a virtual sense – to self hosted WordPress. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought and I’m enjoying the flexibility of the Standard theme and WP in general. Next week you’ll see a new banner so my blog will look a bit friendlier :) You can get more [...] Read More

Tony's Ride to the Red Centre

Tony Hollingsworth, a bloke I know through Twitter (as you do, these days) is looking for some support. You see, he’s about to take off on his motorbike with around 70 other riders traveling 6000km to Alice Springs for a fundraiser called the Black Dog Ride. Sure, an open road, a nice gig, you might [...] Read More

NetTuesday Notes in Words and Pictures

This morning a group of people interested in using social media for social good met for coffee and an exchange of ideas. So what did half a dozen of us have to say? I tried to record our notes using scrap paper and textas. Here’s a glimpse of our discussion… (Hat Tip Eileen Clegg for [...] Read More

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