Twitter Disruptors

Because Twitter can be anything you want it to be. It reminds of  stencil art or sidewalk chalk. Something amongst the landscape of Twitter reminding us of the possibilities. Symbols. Poetry. Tanka. 140 character dreams. Urban memes. Who’s your favourite Twitter artist, poet or Twitter Disruptor?

versions vision video voices and joie de vivre

versions + vision + video  + voices + joie de vivre = this: [youtube=] {PS22 Chorus} [youtube=] {a brat pack mashup} [youtube=] thanks to the {original} {and to Bernie for blipping the bratpack version a little while back, and Mashable for posting the PS22 version}

No Ads Please. Not Here. Not Now.

From time to time I get emails from companies wanting to advertise here on Wonderwebby.  Instead of replying with my standard “no thanks” response,  I thought I’d write something here. Why” No Thanks”? Because this is my playground. But don’t you want to make money? Sure. But not here. Are there other ways I can [...] Read More

The Three Year Old Digital Native and Then Some

I soooo relate to this. Our youngest boy – now three -  is definitely the most tech savvy of our bunch :) Update: I think I should explain what I relate to. I relate to this scenario of being slightly bamboozled by a young child’s familiarity with all of this technology.  Obviously it’s scripted, but [...] Read More

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