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A Reason to Tweetup

“You mean, there’s a face-to-face side of this whole Twitter thing?” a colleague asked me recently. Yes. If you like. So why bother attending a Tweetup? Many moons ago (back in ’96 or so) I used to hop along to different new media meetups. In fact, at one point I even  found myself coordinating a [...] Read More

3 Tips for Prioritising Networking Events

It’s not always easy to get along to every social media breakfast, tweetup, and conference. Social networks have given me the opportunity to connect with  colleagues and like-minded friends around the world. Sure, I’d love to get along to more events so that I can meet more people face to face, join in the conversation [...] Read More

Tweetsgiving Shapes Up

Social Media makes it so easy for people around the world to make a difference. People like me, a part time working mum. And people just like you. Physical barriers are removed and social networks kick in for good causes. Over the next two days I’ll be enjoying Tweetsgiving with thousands of people around the [...] Read More

Nancy White comes to town

A couple of years ago Andy “social bridgebuilder” Piper introduced me to Matt “collaboration seeker” Moore on Twitter. Since then I’ve also met Matt a couple of times on his visits to Melbourne and recently sent him a note about some upcoming  workshops he is organising with Nancy “community champion” White. Matt answered my questions [...] Read More

Emotional Intelligence meets Social Media

Just because I thought you might like to join in this study, which has been extended to November 5th 2009  concludes October 25th, please take a peek… [youtube=] In their own words (from the delightful @celiaprosser and @lukegrange) : “Knowledge Solutions together with its research partner, The Australian Brain Sciences Institute at Swinburne University are [...] Read More

Outside the Lines

I saw this photo appear in a colleague’s Flickr stream. He took this pic of a chalk emblazoned footpath (sidewalk) in Chicago. It captured my attention because it’s: anonymous organic free original expressive It reminded me of this It’s: fun enjoyed by others innovative simple creative Now if we could just grab hold of that [...] Read More

Bench Monday Inspiration

Always late to the party, I just found Bench Monday. Looks like a fun Flickr group challenge! (note to self: need new shoes) There are some fun pics in the group Flickr pool. You should take a look-see.

How to be a social media explorer

Here’s a list of some ways you can begin to explore social media-  or 13 tips for getting your social media mojo back :) A bit of  background: In my last post I wrote about Keri Smith’s book “How To Be An Explorer Of The World.”  I also suggested you read some of her tips [...] Read More

Twitter Fundraising Tips

Twitip kindly accepted my guest post about the benefits of using Twitter for fundraising. I shaed a couple of tips based on the last several months raising funds for Opportunity International Australia- which ends in just a few hours! Over $7,000 was raised for a program to help women out of poverty through small business [...] Read More

Second Story

I couldn’t resist. I created a second set of slides for the Fuze Tell A Story Contest. Enjoy this simple A – Z story about using social media for a fundraising campaign :) [slideshare id=1608779&doc=alphabetstories-090619090008-phpapp02] Feel free to vote too! Any prize money will be donated to Opportunity International Fuze Tell A Story Contest

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