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Tweets on Wheels

I use Google Alerts for different things, including a regular search for microfinance. Last week I discovered James Pratt, a lawyer who is riding his bike across South America over the next 12 months to raise funds for Opportunity International (US). James has just started using his mobile phone to tweet about his adventure. I [...] Read More

Aussie bloggers uniting to raise funds

A couple of days ago I launched a  blogging initiative asking ten Australian bloggers to write a special  post as a tribute to the entrepreneurial poor.  In return, Incentive House will be making a donation of $100 per post towards an Opportunity International  microfinance program in the Philippines, to help women out of poverty. So [...] Read More

Getting to know you on Twitter

Back in June 2007 I started using Twitter (wonderwebby). I only knew about two people using Twitter at the time and – I admit it – I just didn’t get it. It took me a while to understand what Twitter was, let alone what it could do. But now I find myself tweeting away to [...] Read More

The gift of Creativity

The lovely Eileen Clegg, known for her wonderful murals and visual journalism, kindly created a Shout Out for Creativity mural and video for the Shout Out Social project. She shares some wonderful insights into the nature of creativity. [youtube=] You will have to come along to the event in Melbourne if you want to see [...] Read More

Online personality transplant lately?

Lately I’ve been thinking about this ever emerging skill space that sits somewhere between the domains of learning, knowledge and marketing. It has something to do with people. It’s about exchange through conversation. This space has something to do with social media, community and something do with transformation and  information. But it’s something a little [...] Read More

Creative fundraising using social media

Over the last few months I have been exploring some creative webby ways to raise funds for a special project enabling the poor to work their way out of poverty. So what kind of circumstances, tools and people help to make that happen? A Scottish writing coach writes a sentence for a creative online project..along [...] Read More

When physical and virtual worlds collide

Have you considered the influence of virtual spaces, such as online communities, on your world? It’s something I have been discussing with an informal learning working party recently, for instance the impact virtual spaces have on communities such as international students, working mothers, working students and alumni. If I think back to any major virtual [...] Read More

When Enterprise 2.0 is just keeping up appearances

Have you heard about the official protest parks set up in Beijing? Not a single protest approved despite 77 applications. And a human rights group says there have been a few arrests, and two convictions of re-education through labour (there was something on TV the other night – they reported these two people were actually [...] Read More

275 Bites

Over the next month or so 275 geeks thrillseekers blogaholics individuals will be tackling the question “Why don’t people get it?” – the theme for the Age of Conversation sequel organised by Gavin Heaton & Drew McClellan. I put my hand up to author a chapter of this collaborative book. Maybe I’ll write about Enterprise [...] Read More

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