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Virtual Essentials

Five virtual essentials Avatar. Remember this music video about the person who dares to be different? [youtube=] I like flexibility in choosing how my avatar looks, and I am always fascinated by the many different ways people choose to represent themselves. If you look “out of the box” I am less likely to approach you [...] Read More

Greater IBM

I made my guest author debut on the Greater IBM Connection blog today (an IBM alumni program blog) It’s an odd tale about Enterprise 2.0 and the ritual of the birthday cake. You can read it here. 

Enterprise2.0 Loyalty

The Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum in Sydney yesterday proved to be a great half day of case studies and discussion. One of the emerging themes was the need for Enterprise 2.0 implementers to “let go” of content structure, instead shifting focus to content support. The tendency for IT Managers or Business to micro-manage web2.0 projects [...] Read More

Novel Idea

In true collaborative spirit, I have put my name forward to contribute to Gavin Heaton and Drew McClellan’s new book . Last year they created Age of Conversation. They found 100 authors to contribute around 400 words about the subject of the book. 100% percent of the proceeds went to charity. So, what is the [...] Read More

Information Overload

It’s easy to mistake busyness for productivity in this wonderful webby world of social media. Let’s face it, when you follow multiple blogs using RSS feeds, communicate using Twitter, manage your in-box to keep it at inbox zero, contribute to other communities, social networks and wikis – you have an abundance of engaging information and [...] Read More

Twitter Passport

Laura Fitton’s post on Twitter Village & Shel Israel’s twitterings and tongue in cheek post seeking votes for a Twitter Mayor made me (again) consider the unusual social dynamics of Twitter. In fact, it made me think perhaps we are all cultural exhange students in Twitterville. Why? Well, many of us arrive in this village [...] Read More

Status Stickiness

I’ve noticed the crowd integrating Facebook status message with Twitter status. I actually prefer to keep them separate because of the different sticky factors eg how long the status message sticks to the wall. I have a status on Twitter that I use for transient updates with a chalkboard permanence through the day. Status messages [...] Read More

Facebook Fridge

Ever realise Facebook is one big public fridge door? You know, the kind of fridge you left messages on in a share-house when you first left home. The fridge door you stuck your favourite photos on, your housemates put their odd magnets, messages, fridge poetry, postcards from friends or lyers for events and films. It [...] Read More

Two Words

Not sure if you noticed but my titles (subject headings) are only ever two words. I have read you are not *meant* to write titles this way (eg for search results, google rankings etc.) It’s my exposure to magazine formatting and new media product management days haunting me. I can be a bit ruthless with [...] Read More

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