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Sorting Profiles

Ever noticed how difficult using avatar pictures to search for a friend on Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media goodness you are using is? Ever wonder if you could filter the view on groups of “friends”? litte Blythe dolls lookin’ avatar-ish When I’m searching for a friend, fun avatar pics tend to get lost in [...] Read More

Privacy Thresholds

Is web2.0 breaking the barrier of our own privacy thresholds? Are we giving away more than ever in the act of “sharing”? Bill Thompson sums it up I’m as bad as anyone here, handing over my shopping patterns to supermarket loyalty schemes; sending unencrypted emails and visiting websites without seeking to disguise my identity; using [...] Read More

Avatar X

Remember my buddy Avatar X from Secondlife? This is his “before” shot. I started on his makeover today with Mr Wonderwebby as my shopping companion – and at this point in time he looks more like this (sorry bad quality pic) Also put a smurf avatar in his inventory in case he wants something completely [...] Read More

Twitter Flitter

web2.0de to Dr Seuss If your Twitter’s in a muddle And your Blog is getting fuddled Then a Griefer makes you rezzy So your Avatar gets dizzy When your Wiki’s getting wacko And your Facebook’s going spacko So you go to type a Twitter And the Twitter seems too bitter When your mind is getting [...] Read More

Avatar Makeover

This avatar needs your help. So here’s the deal, a friend won a secondlife avatar makeover. So my husband and yours truly will be pimping this guy’s avatar. He has given us full creative reign. He does not want to look normal. I will also be embellishing his inventory with a few good groups and [...] Read More

Visceral Virtuality

Blogging is a funny thing. Like a jumble of thoughts welling up during the week and then…splat. Here you go – into the blogosphere once more… I was exploring some of my favorite places with a new friend from the UK in SL last night – which began with a twitter from him, some of [...] Read More

Google less

I went to a conference yesterday by the AIIA on marketing predictions. While we started with Peter Williams from Eclipse (Deloitte) giving us a web 2.0 showcase: user-driven content, joy-of-use sites, mash-ups, hacking and good examples of user experience – the second presentation on “how to get google to love your website” left me stumped.We [...] Read More

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