Paintings everywhere. Get down and get back up again.

I had fun taking down many of our paintings and pictures OFF the walls today, so that we can put some new paint ON the walls. Some are paintings by my mum, some I bought online from artists (and a token Banksy print off ebay – and yes I admit – an Ikea print!) and [...] Read More

Thursday Things: Sticks and stones

One of the boys ran inside the house this afternoon, grabbed another nectarine from the bowl and gave me a huge grin before dashing outside. It was one of those ‘we’re up to something and we’re having fun’ smiles. I looked out the window and saw the three of them sitting happily around a new [...] Read More

Hands are for holding

We might use technology (a bit) in our home. But now and then we need a reminder to put down that iPad. Because hands are for holding… (image by jeni rodger) Oops, not that, I mean hands are for holding… (image by lonesome:cycler) or ..and my lap is first and foremost for my kids, not [...] Read More

Little feet walk and money talks

I heard some good news today. You see, we didn’t have a walkathon on the kinder fundraising plan when I joined our committee a year ago. But when I asked a friend about some good ways to raise money, she shared some details about her kinder walkathon and how much fun it was. So, we [...] Read More

Simple Weekends

I like simple weekends, don’t you? The kind where you spend a Saturday afternoon at a local festival with the kids, sitting in the park under the shade of the trees eating icecream, visiting stalls, listening to live music and just hanging out together. Spending time at Heide Museum the next day, wandering around their [...] Read More

To make it through the rest of NaBloPoMo

Twelve days in. Oh. To make it through the rest of this month of daily blogging,  I think I’d like more chocolate more rest more dreams a maid chocolate topics tropics books cooks more photos a new camera a pause button What’s on you wishlist?

Thursday Things: alive and animated

As I was taking some photos for #ThursdayThings I realised how many things were animated, in one way or another. These hints of life are found perched in my kitchen, posing in vases, framed on my walls and may occasionally be found underfoot, thanks to our three boys. an·i·mat·ed/ˈanəˌmātid/ Adjective: Full of life or excitement; [...] Read More

Wordless Wednesday

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