The last week of Frocktober

I love dressing up but I don’t follow fashion trends. If you asked me what’s happening on the catwalks of Paris, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. But I enjoy the way we can express ourselves through colours, patterns, textures and shapes. I adore design, so fashion fascinates me. I also love a good [...] Read More

On my mind. Hope and holding on.

This week I’m thinking about the bushfires, life drawing, a new ebook, Girl Rising, Frocktober, and creative notes. Bushfire I have seen the threat of bushfire glowing on the horizon a couple of times. The first time I was seven years old. I wandered across the road to a playground of a large park in [...] Read More

Frocktober 2013

Two years ago I joined in #Frocktober to raise funds and awareness about Ovarian Cancer Research. I didn’t have many frocks at the time and had to borrow a few to make it through 31 days of dresses! Since then I have been keeping an eye out for bargains so that I could do 31 [...] Read More

cherry blossoms and sunshine by wonderwebby


I’ve been quite reflective this year. I’ve slowed down. Stepped back. Said no more often. But time isn’t just a healer. She’s like a mother. And I think I’m ready to start making art again.   Photos shared with Creative Commons Licensing by me

WDS in Portland

A World Domination Summit in three words

You are enough. After a few fun and intense days in Portland (followed by a short burst of school holidays, jetlag and deadlines) these three words linger in my heart and mind. You are enough. I wanted to write a neat summary of all that was said and done. But every time I tried I [...] Read More

Pace and adventures of the wonderful kind

Pace. Sometimes pace is hurried and we skip between beats, jump over tracks and dodge hurdles. This year I’ve been trying to make ‘space for pace’ so that I have time to think and let creativity simmer. That’s a bit of a challenge when you work and have a family of five and a puppy. [...] Read More

find inspiration everyday

Heartfelt Five. A response to everyday wonder.

Last week, I took a photo each day from Monday to Friday. I shared them on Instagram, named the day and described something I experienced. I didn’t set out to do a series. My intent on Monday was to document a heartfelt moment. And then I kept sharing one photo each day. I guess you [...] Read More

How would you describe this brand?

This is a bit of an awkward post. You see, recently a couple of people have mentioned the ‘Wonderwebby’ brand to me during conversation. Brand? What brand? To be honest, I keep forgetting that I have a brand at all. I see it as: a blog which I have been neglecting, photos which I don’t [...] Read More

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