Week 14 of Wonderment

Jelly (at a birthday party today) I only took two photos so I played with some different apps. In the end I selected this blurry shot which I also processed using the ShakeItPhoto app. It reminds me of one of my mum’s glossy, colourful oil paintings. I found wonderment in the metamorphosis of crystals into [...] Read More

5 things you should know about Chipin

Last year I used Chipin to help raise funds for an Opportunity International Australia fundraiser for Filipino Women to get out of poverty. Some amazing people around the world – people I had never met in person – rallied together and donated to help 12 women start their own businesses. Yes, Chipin was an interesting [...] Read More

11 Little Secrets – The Secret of 15 Minutes Uninterrupted

Olivier Blanchard recently wrote a post “11 Little Secrets”, based on  Chris Penn’s “11 Little Secrets” post – and encouraged us all to do the same . To quote Chris: We strive desperately to look for the next big thing, the next big secret, the magic wand that will make everything better. What we tend [...] Read More

W is for Wonderment

Week 13. How could I resist? W is for Wonderment (where imagination intersects with life – or “why I think it’s important to Play“) W is for Wonderment Lit Up Imagination Ferris Wheels and Kindness Flights of Inspiration W is for Women P for Poverty H for Hope and Hoping Big To make P History [...] Read More

No Ads Please. Not Here. Not Now.

From time to time I get emails from companies wanting to advertise here on Wonderwebby.  Instead of replying with my standard “no thanks” response,  I thought I’d write something here. Why” No Thanks”? Because this is my playground. But don’t you want to make money? Sure. But not here. Are there other ways I can [...] Read More

Ready or Not. Here Come 300 Authors for Charity.

You might have guessed that I like to join in collaborative projects. Especially when it’s for a good cause.  Because it’s easy to do – and I’ve seen that the combined effort of many people sharing their stories really can make a difference. One such project last year was  Age of Conversation 2, a follow [...] Read More

12 Weeks of Wonderment

A brief recap…. Be on the lookout for wonderment. Take one photo per week, using an iPhone. Or something. Don’t go to any effort. Just one pic. One wonder-moment a week. Here’s my take so far from January to March. Would you like to join me for the next 12 weeks? Simple.  Here.

Wonderment Is: Turning The World On Its Head

Whether you’re morphing a swing into a spinning thing [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRM_roLCPkM] Or helping little hands to create funny legs, [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KEAw_1m2Yg] If you’re cloud gazing on an Autumn day Or playing a game with a ball and a hoop This is Wonderment to me: Transformation Imagination in Motion Hints of Puppetry This post is my submission for [...] Read More

NetSquared and Tweastie Tuesday Tweetups – Go East, Do Good

If you live in Melbourne and you’re wondering how to use Twitter to make a difference -  or curious to know what your Not For Profit can get out of blogging or Facebook – please come along to the first Melbourne NetSquared meetup on April the 13th. If you want to meet others interested in [...] Read More

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