Invitation to a Creative Cultural Partnership

I like to dream. And I like to be terribly practical. I like to indulge in creative pursuits. And I like to make a real difference where it matters. I believe that imagination can assist in social transformation. I am inspired when creative individuals are equipped and empowered to participate in life changing projects. [youtube=] [...] Read More

Compassionate Communities

In the spirit of @shaicoggin’s Valentines Day love post, I too have been thinking about the amazing outpouring of compassion seen amongst tragic circumstances this week – nearly 2000 homes destroyed (7000 displaced people) and hundreds of lives lost in a deadly, unpredictable firestorm in Victoria. Australians have come together swiftly and efficiently, even friends [...] Read More

Victorian Bushfires – how you can help

Edit: please go to for up to date information on ways to help. You have probably caught up on the dreadful news about the bushfires here in Victoria, now apparently known as ‘Black Saturday’. Tragically, there are now over 181 people confirmed dead (predicted to reach  up to 300),  over a thousand homes lost [...] Read More

Our Lives Online

Some people write beautiful blogs. They share stories about their children and the hidden treasures found in life’s experiences. Back when I interviewed Penni about her blog and other interesting things, I asked about her decision to share stories on her blog about her girls. And you might remember her answer, which I’m reposting. “Because [...] Read More

Shout Out Social

”Shout Out Social’ is a collaborative creative project for my Opportunity Australia ambassadorship, aiming to raise awareness and funds for women in poverty – and I hope you can join in!  A digital bar in Melbourne called  ‘Horse Bazaar’ will be exhibiting some of your photos and artwork, and I’m looking for other venues around [...] Read More

Digesting Information in Three Courses

A  group of women huddled around a kitchen table, listening to their passionate hostess Silvia share her Italian cooking secrets. She shared stories of  life, food, the passing down of recipes through generations, and the art of creating the perfect ‘Salsa di pomodoro’.  The women watched with fascination as Silvia instructed and guided them in  [...] Read More

Found Objects

Some things just go together. Found Objects #1 By Jen Gotch (also blogging at [youtube=] Air – All I need (video  uploaded by someone on YouTube, apparently from Andorra) from remediate this Just a mix of social media peppered around the web, with a  common summery little-bit-o’-something. Do you enjoy finding things around Flickr, [...] Read More

Seeing Things

1. A 5 mm tall doll composed of living cells 2. Contact lens with circuits and lights Green and purple goodness found in my feedreader thanks to the smarter planet Tumblelog

Wire your cause

The ability to activate support by those in need or those wanting to help out those in need has never been more available than it is today. The connected cause movement is richly empowered by the Internet – from microlending to individuals through sites such as Kiva or Jasmin’s own page at ChipIn to grand [...] Read More

Give me a home and a whole lotta fans

Meet Sadie. She might not be a real person, but this ‘girl from the country’ got 15,000 fans since she appeared on social media network Bebo last week.  Sadie is the creation of 18 year old film Melbourne student Nicholas Carlton for a new social web show called Oz Girl TV , now listed on [...] Read More

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