Smart networks for a smarter planet

Just in case you’re curious, I’ve written a post over on the Greater IBM Connection Blog, called “Your grandmother’s nephew’s sister-in-law’s employee just got smarter’ “Not only can we help to create a smarter planet – using social networks for social good – but we can also experience the personal reward of experiencing great minds [...] Read More

Wonderful webby plans for 2009

Welcome to a wonderful webby 2009. Right now I’m spending time with my husband and the boys, reading some books, and planning out my thoughts for the year on paper (away from the keyboard!) before things get busy! There are three projects in particular on my mind for the year – projects you can also [...] Read More

Voice of the Community

“It is through the arts that we are able to tell our stories, that we are able to give voice to the things that we hold dear in our hearts, our memories of people and place, our pains and our pleasures, our fears and our hopes for the future. By appealing to deeply held values, [...] Read More

Babushka's fifteen minutes

If you’re going to create some slides explaining the cycle of microfinance and trust banks, you may as well make it interesting.  That’s why I asked Babushka to explain it.  Nooo, not this one.. [youtube=] This one .. [slideshare id=861127&doc=about-trust-banks-1229744804879247-2&w=425] (also known as a Matryoshka doll.) Please don’t ask me to explain what Russian dolls [...] Read More

Expressions of things beyond

Matt wrote me a poem for the Creative Challenge themed “Beyond” …”Follow the chromosomes that interlock like acrobats to create the trick of a life Balance, harmony – a high wire act. Follow the tectonic fault-lines that skid round the globe without our permission. Plates spinning in that same circus. Follow the word network, the [...] Read More

A creative education and Kay Gordon's legacy

After a day watching great performances and audio visual presentations at the VCA Centre for Cultural Partnerships launch, and listening to moving words around the importance of the role of the arts and creativity in community development, I spent some time reflecting on the the role of visual and performing arts in my own life [...] Read More

VCA Centre for Cultural Partnerships

Today was a significant day for me. The Hon Julia Gillard, MP, Deputy Prime Minister of Australia launched the VCA Centre for Cultural Partnerships “a dynamic hub, drawing in people from around the world to think, reflect and take action on building stronger, more vital communities through partnership-based approaches to the arts, community development and [...] Read More

World Poverty for Dummies

I have two copies of World Poverty for Dummies to give away as part of the Creative Challenge. Back in September when I signed up as a volunteer Ambassador with Women’s Opportunity (Opportunity International Australia) this book was endorsed on the recommended reading list. World Poverty for Dummies includes an overview of world poverty, a [...] Read More

NaNoWriMo evidence

Did you hear the one about the part-time working mum who thought she’d try writing a novel in the month for NaNoWriMo, but only made it to 5,600 words? Ha, that’s me! The moral of this story is: Have a well thought out plan/plot beforehand (who would have guessed!!?) Cancel all social events in November. [...] Read More

Things to do with Moo

I found some fun Moo pics on Flickr, while I was looking for some Moo pics for my creative challenge post (they’re giving away a pack of postcards, minicards and stickers.) I ended up using a stock standard pic of Moo products on the post, but I just had to share some others here: Leo [...] Read More

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