Mother's Day

I’m not one of these women who spent their childhoods dreaming of being a mother or a wife. But here I find myself with a wonderful husband and three young boys. They jump. They make noise. Lots of noise. They sing and dance and paint. They love to make muddy mess (yes even my husband). [...] Read More

Exercising Imagination

What does imagination mean to you? What power does it hold? What importance does it have in your life? A quick Tweetscan revealed some curious insights and quotes on imagination this week. edallen33 People with imagination can’t imagine how there can be people with no imagination. eve11 If I can create art out of energy [...] Read More

Jumping In

You’re issued a challenge (to coordinate an event.) You don’t think you have time and you are already feeling a little stretched by your other extra-curricular activites. It’s been a while since you organised something like this. It seems like a mammoth task to achieve. Image by The Paper Boat But you say yes. Because [...] Read More

Information Galaxy

What has Wonderwebby been wondering about? My mind has been wondering and wandering the milky way of social media. I’ve been thinking about information aggregators and the determined yet haphazard way I hop between information, clickety click, lickity split. Dip in, dip out, weaving a thread of conversation through my web hopping antics. Email and [...] Read More

Helping Orphans

A 26 year old friend who had been running a business for five years while raising money for worthwhile causes around the world, found herself bankrupt after her business plans went awry. What did she do? She decided to volunteer in Uganda to assist at Watoto Baby Bullrushes home, to nurture children abandoned due to [...] Read More

Soul Writer

I caught a glimpse of Mel Brooks talking on Andrew Denton’s Enough Rope. I loved what he had to say about authentic expression and writing from your soul. ANDREW DENTON: … you made a very interesting comment once where, just almost in brackets, you said, ‘fame the enemy’. What does having a huge hit like [...] Read More

Powerful Writing

You may have heard that in order to lead, you need to serve. In my experience, words only have power when they serve us in their readability and intent. If words brag and parade in order to make their point, they lose all their power. I’m sharing some questions I ask myself when I want [...] Read More

Lovin' Technology

I never would have imagined I would end up working in IT. I studied design, media and animation, not computer science! My final year of high school was spent studying drama, art, languages and the token compulsory science subject. IT was never recommended to me by teachers or family as a career choice. Photo by [...] Read More

Semantic Broadcasting

Information as you know it is changing. Step into a different visual metaphor with me for a moment and enjoy the ride. Just discovered this Semantic Broadcasting experiment by David Bausola aka Zero Influencer (who is another author for the Age of Conversation sequel). It’s based on the song “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley, created as [...] Read More

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