Facebook Fridge

Ever realise Facebook is one big public fridge door? You know, the kind of fridge you left messages on in a share-house when you first left home. The fridge door you stuck your favourite photos on, your housemates put their odd magnets, messages, fridge poetry, postcards from friends or lyers for events and films. It [...] Read More

Beta Mentality

Sometimes I wonder (as Wonderwebby does) if the uptake of web2.0, social media and virtual worlds requires a beta mentality. First of all, you need to be ready to find the goodness knowing there might be some minor usability hiccups along the way. It also means having a beta mentality towards the content you are [...] Read More

Two Words

Not sure if you noticed but my titles (subject headings) are only ever two words. I have read you are not *meant* to write titles this way (eg for search results, google rankings etc.) It’s my exposure to magazine formatting and new media product management days haunting me. I can be a bit ruthless with [...] Read More

Sorting Profiles

Ever noticed how difficult using avatar pictures to search for a friend on Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media goodness you are using is? Ever wonder if you could filter the view on groups of “friends”? litte Blythe dolls lookin’ avatar-ish When I’m searching for a friend, fun avatar pics tend to get lost in [...] Read More

Sublime Machinima

It’s refreshing to see new artwork like “Meteors” by Rob Wright aka Robbie Dingo and Kirsty Hawkshaw created for the Millions of Us artist in residence program. Pixels, art, music and storytelling transporting us to the sublime, creative and emotional psyche. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3M0gPRYHOU]

Virtual Memories

How do you capture a virtual memory? How can you log a moment that happened in a virtual world? A photo or machinima may capture the image, perhaps I would need to lifelog it to preserve the moment with tags; other snapshots; a real life image of myself at the computer; music playing on the [...] Read More

Prolific Profiling

Could this be a new learning and knowledge or communications job description in the not-so-distant future? Online Identity Development Manager Seeking a community shepherd to implement and manage online identity within globally evolving learning and knowledge networks: Implement the creation of an online Identity Development PlanĀ for each employee. A plan to develop and maintain 2D [...] Read More

Better Communication

Since blogging this year I have fallen in love with words again. I’ve always enjoyed a good read, but never really spent much time writing (apart from client related work or uni.) Spending a little time every few days writing has really given me more confidence with words and a desire to use them better. [...] Read More

Visual Diary

I now have a book for capturing ideas. A visual diary. I’ve used a visual diary for around 15 years, on and off. This year really sees me needing one to take everywhere, again. Lovely blank white pages ready for my fineliner pen. A few random words and scribbles already. No “to-do lists”. Just ideas. [...] Read More

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