11 Little Secrets – The Secret of 15 Minutes Uninterrupted

Olivier Blanchard recently wrote a post “11 Little Secrets”, based on  Chris Penn’s “11 Little Secrets” post – and encouraged us all to do the same .

To quote Chris:

We strive desperately to look for the next big thing, the next big secret, the magic wand that will make everything better. What we tend to overlook – or most of us, anyway – are the little secrets, the little hacks and tweaks you can make to your day, your year, your life to help things operate better.

Instead of writing 11 Secrets in one post, I thought I’d pace them out over 11 posts, in case I waffle on :)

Little Secret #1 – The Secret of 15 Minutes Uninterrupted

I never realised how important 15 minutes was until I had a colicky baby. A beautiful little cuddly boy – who screamed. And screamed. And slept for an hour at a time. I thought it would end at 3 months. Or 6 months. But on he went, growing, smiling, laughing, playing and very awake for a couple of years.  Time took on a whole new dimension.

This is how I dicscovered what 15 minutes really means.

If you have an uninterrupted 15 minutes on your hands – you can do SO MUCH!


You can write a thank you card to a friend.

You can declutter.

You can read a book (or two) to your children.

You can plant something.

You can create something.

You can make a difference.

You can learn something.

(Uninterrupted, remember?)

You can cook something. Yourself.

You can even have a power nap. Zzzzzz.

If you have several “15 minutes uninterrupted”  you can even finish a project. A degree, even. (Truly.)

OR you can just let the next fifteen minutes slide on by ….

What are waiting for? Set your timer and GO!

15 minutes past the hour

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