12th of Frocktober and dressing up for fun(ds)

On the 12th of Frocktober aubergine met chocolate and velvet met corduroy.
#frocktober 12th where aubergine meets chocolate and velour meets corduroy

Sometimes I wish fabric never faded. I miss some dresses.

Like a fuchsia pink silk floral print shift dress when I was 16. I wore it with jet black tights and doc marten boots. I wore it a lot.  I wish that dress never wore out.

And a lovely red 60s swing dress which made drag queens green with envy. But there came a time to dump it.

Then there are other frocks I wish I could have worn this month. But some faded, and I gave 0thers away in-between babies, or in moments of de-cluttering “have I even worn this recently?” days. There are only so many dresses a girl really needs. But there are some which I think I’ll keep for a very long time. My wedding dress. And a couple of party frocks. Not just in case. Just because.


I’m wearing dresses this month for Frocktober, raising funds for Ovarian Cancer Research. Enjoying these posts?  You can donate here before October 31st.

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