2013 goals, fairytales and world domination

Creativity, my soul and breath, it’s good to see you again.

Last year I looked, listened, collaborated, learned, wandered, volunteered and finally nurtured my creativity again. It was life-changing. I feel like me, again.

You see, I was sort of stuck in a creative rut. So I tried a few things out last year:

So what’s in store for 2013?

  1. Better Health. I’ve recently cut out most sugar from my diet and I’m being more conscious about eating healthy meals. I’m walking more often. Surprisingly, after I started reducing my sugar intake in December…I discovered I don’t like the taste of chocolate much anymore (yes…I knoooow!). I’m already feeling better in my general health.  I’m trying to get to bed earlier. Relax more often. Loving my food…properly.
  2. http://tdhlaw.com/wordpress/staff/howard-traul-ii/ Creative Thinkers.  It’s difficult to believe I’ll be heading overseas again…this time traveling to Portland, Oregon for Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit, sponsored by my amazingly generous boss Darren Rowse at ProBlogger and Digital Photography School.  It will be a very brief visit to the US…but I can’t wait to be inspired. This year I want to dream and think bigger than ever, to set my sights high…and to DO things. It’s like an itch I have to scratch. I think this trip in July is just the thing I need.
  3. buy accutane v drugstore More Reading. Oh I have to read more again. Books to get me thinking. Suggestions? In the meantime, I’m revisiting some Russian Fairytales.
  4. Make Art. The thing I need to do most, I also avoid most. So this year I’m determined not to keep my creativity at arm’s length. I need to make an appointment with myself to be creative each week. And more than being creative…I need to think about my art. I also have some ideas about a new blog…but that’s a story for another post!
  5. Give and Give. I’ll continue my Blog Ambassadorship with World Vision Australia, at least until my 12 month ambassadorship concludes in February, because they do such amazing work. But I certainly hope to keep giving, to give more…not only to WVA but to other organisations which help to get people out of poverty, organisations which help women, and the Creative Arts. I’m also still wildly curious about the creative ways we can use technology for social good, so I hope to keep my finger in that pie too!

Of course, underpinning all of this is a huge dose of gratitude and a very big priority…my ability to give my best to my family.  And I’m not able to give my best unless I look after myself…and spend time surrounding myself with creative adventures. So you see, we come full circle :)

Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2013 is your most creative year yet!


I could have stayed here for so much longer! @ Inverloch Shell Museum

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