3 ways blogging community influences my writing

Do you ever pause to think about ways your online community influences your writing?  I’d say it changes my content, my conversation and my writing technique.

1. Content. When we interact with our online community we have opportunities to engage with different points of view and ideas. Selective engagement with my blogging community expands my thoughts about the web, our ability to make a difference and give communication some personality.  The content found here on Wonderwebby, on your blogs, or through your tweets has a life of it’s own because of the community.

My blogging community reminds me to write interesting content.

2. Conversation. A picture might speak a thousand words, but a single conversation can change the world. The dialogue between us creates new words (and new worlds). It reminds me to write a blog, not a manual. Sometimes your words find their way into my words.

My blogging community reminds me to write with someone else in mind.

3. Technique. When I write a blog post I find I’m always balancing the desire to write compelling content, and the need to structure words in a way that works. Some days my inner-grammar-critic gets in the way of ideas. Other days I read about THE top ten tips for creating a successful blog and I can bet you I don’t pass the best blogging technique quiz. I appreciate being part of a community that writes with style, points to good ideas and goes beyond ‘tha rulez’.

My blogging community keeps my writing technique real.

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How does your online community influence your writing?

This post is my response to a group writing project for Confident Writing. “The topic is writing lessons. The aim is simply to explore ways in which your writing might have changed or evolved in the context of your online community.” You can take part too (by Fri 27th March)