40/52 weeks

I’m finally up to week 40 of my 52 week self portrait project, taking a photo of myself each week for a year. I nearly gave up at 25 weeks, but pushed through the pain barrier like a woman in labour! I’m still not sure if I’ll keep them up on Flickr at the end of the year (I know, probably too late now!!) and I cheated a couple of times by adding 2 or 3 photos at once – just too busy to do it each week and not a high priority for me.

I’m glad the end is in sight, but have enjoyed the creative thinking process along the way. I almost drag my heels to take the photo, but really enjoy myself once I’m uploading it, editing, playing with colours and observing different options for the end result. It’s nice to do something creative for creativity’s sake!

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3 thoughts on “40/52 weeks

  1. adamclyde

    I love that idea! What a fun project. I’ve seen a lot of blogs take a photo a day, but not of themselves. Maybe I will get brave and do it myself. Don’t know if I have your willpower, but it would be fun to see the changes in myself in one year.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Always great to hear from you.

  2. wonderwebby

    Thanks Julie! For some reason I thought it was unusual for Adam to suggest he participate in the 365 day project! hehe
    I always enjoy your photography, I hope you do it! Are you on Flickr Julie?

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