48 hours, 5000 words and 12 cubes of ice

In response to a group writing project (competition) for Absorbing Writing: Writing Workshops In Italy, “Your ideal writing weekend”.

putting on my writing gogglesImage originally uploaded by Curious Expeditions

48 hours to go. Ready to rock ‘n’ roll I take a deep breath and flick my wrist in web flinging Spidey-action, launching my holographic laptop. Or maybe cup of tea first. Flick off. Boil. Pour. Flick on…..ahhh.

Needing some tunes to inspire, I casually wave my finger through the air and the screen ripples as I open Last.fm. The song randomly served up reminds me of my husband and our cheeky little monkeys so I dip into their lifestream to see what they are up to. Laughter. Screaming. Smiles. Chaos….Sweeeeet.

47 hours and 50 something minutes to go…I begin. I’m using a combination of voice recognition, typing and a slightly manic hand waving gesture with my LifeWriter. The words find some form and characters begin to bloom, but the words come to a screeching halt as it hits 3pm and I hit a wall. I decide to do a bit of quick research by diving into a virtual world through a new tag and character portal – and find some inspiration amongst talking lilies and a kid with a seriously augmented reality, who is mashing up some brew of philosophy, hacked data and geographic locations. I dip out as soon as I find myself caught up talking to a Penguin about the recipe for corn flake cookies.

12 hours to go, fast forward through some coffee, more writing, more coffee, a nap, a short walk for fresh air listening to an episode of This American Life. Oh, and a burst of late night tweeting. I’m nearly there and enjoying the long bursts of wordiness in between online social interactions. Looking out to the countryside, I try to remember what it was like when words were captured with a typewriter or a pen.

1 hour to go. Time to sit down and read my own cooking with a fresh pair of eyes, before I power off all devices to enjoy the stillness out here. I tweet to @kellypuffs on the other side of the planet to ask her how to make the perfect G&T. “Naturally, with 12 cubes of ice!” she replies.