5 Posts to Inspire Shiny Significant Change

I’ve been wondering about the steps required to make a difference using social media – big and small – so I’m sharing some posts written by others about “doing good” this week.

1. People want their lives to matter. I found this interesting, because while I’m a big believer in taking small steps to make a difference – wherever you are, however you can –  I also believe in dreaming big. This post was written by Dan Pallotta and tweeted by zOzyfounder Steve Jennings.

” We ask people to do the least they can do, and we make it insultingly easy. That’s not what people want”…”People want their lives to matter. They want to make a difference — a big difference. We must rid ourselves of the patriarchal idea that the wealthy are the only ones who can change the world, and launch a new age of citizen philanthropy.”

2. I discovered a couple of local peeps I follow on Twitter are riding their bikes to raise money for kids charities. Nick Hortovanyi is riding for the Smith Family to help disadvantaged children (donate here) and Craig Wilson (@MediaHunter) is riding with Colliers Tour de Kids for charities focusing on the health and well-being of kids (donate here)

3. 5 Unorthodox Ways to Fix Social Media by Justin Kownacki

“The tools we could be using to revolutionize communication are instead being used to complain about bad hair and shoddy customer service. People blog, podcast, tweet and Flickr because they feel obliged to, or because they’re aching to be noticed and validated by others, desperate for a rewteet to prove they’re still alive. Find a purpose. Set a goal. Decide what “social media success” would mean to you, personally. Then make choices that support your pursuit of that goal.”

4. Chris Brogan also wrote a post last week “When This All Gets Cool”, pointed out to me by colleague Luis Suarez in one of his posts. I’ts about turning something shiny into something that makes a significant change

5. Three Stages in the Journey of a Volunteer on Realized Worth. Chris Jarvis writes about the creation of an engaging volunteer experience.
“Tourist – Traveler – Guide. This is the journey of the volunteer. The great failure of the Non-Profit lies in expecting tourists to act like guides, treating guides like tourists, and ignoring the traveler all-together.”

Image by Crash:Candy

Makes me want to undertake a new journey of my own this year! But you know what? It’s not a new journey that’s needed, is it?  It’s about taking your experience,  skills, passion – your journey right now – and sharing it. Give. And give some more. Have fun. Do good.

What motivates you to give?

One thought on “5 Posts to Inspire Shiny Significant Change

  1. Justin Kownacki

    I doubt many people actually know why they give. And I suspect their primary motivations include “good karma,” “securing a place in heaven,” “guilt” and “obligation.”

    Does anyone give selflessly? I doubt it. But that doesn’t mean they don’t give meaningfully. And the recipient of that goodwill probably doesn’t care WHY we give, either, as long as we do.

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