5 Wonderwebby posts about Art

This Nablopomo Art theme made me realise I’ve posted a bit about art on this blog over the last few years, even though I initially set out to document my random thoughts about web2.0.  I thought I might revisit a few to prompt your memory, and mine!

1. Visual Diary from  Oct ’07.   Because it’s nice to document your world in pictures.

2. Narrative Therapy from May ’08 .  Art and storytelling as therapy and community awareness.

3. Hoban’s Door from Oct ’07. I do like the moving image. Watch it and enjoy.

4. Outside the lines from July ’09. Sidewalk chalk as something anonymous, organic, free, original and expressive.

5. A creative education and Kay Gordon’s legacy from Dec ’08. My experience of art, growing up.

So, I guess I have been writing about art in one way or another, all along, without even realising it! I do like art, don’t you?

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