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Our photo library is full our children’s pictures, but over the last five years the only shots of me seem to be in hospital (holding a newborn!) So when I read that Shai Coggins was going to take a photo of herself EVERY DAY this year for the 365 days Flickr group project, I was rather taken with the idea of tackling a similar creative venture myself. Good thing there is a 52 weeks project – a little less daunting! Five weeks into the year and quite a few shots later – I have five self-portraits!

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So far it has been a great experience to practice taking “proper” photos again, brushing up on some design basics like composition, lighting, colour etc. It also means my parents will get a quirky album at the end of it all!

I have always found inspiration in the photography of Annie Liebovitz, Lord Snowdon and David Bailey. Their portraits always tell a story, showcase some personality or exist as works of art on their own merit. When I’m taking these portraits, I’m thinking about myself in relation to my environment, I’m thinking about shapes and shadows, story and interest. I wonder what the next 45 weeks will turn out like? It’s so good to take on a new creative challenge, especially when you see the results.

2 thoughts on “52 portraits

  1. Shai Coggins

    It is an interesting experience, isn’t it? I didn’t expect this self-portraiture challenge to turn out the way it has done so far. But, I think it has definitely done me a lot of good. Except, I have no idea how I’m going to put all 366 photos in one album. And, I dread to think of having to put together more than one album from one year just of me. Heh.

    Anyway, I’m really loving what you’ve done so far. You obviously have an eye for composition and have a good feel for light. I especially love the one with the colourful (blue, pink, green, etc) background. Looking forward to seeing what the rest of your self-portraits will be like!

  2. wonderwebby

    thanks Shai. Yes it certainly has taught me a lot already. I wouldn’t mind having your camera tho’!! ;) I’m in definite need of an upgrade.
    As for putting all the pics in one album, I have seen these albums which look good and others like it. Thanks for the feedback. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos too!

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