Just happened to notice this. Wow. 900 comments on Wonderwebby over the last few years.  Over 300 posts.

It’s always a treat when you pop by and say hello on my blog. I appreciate each comment made, even if I’m not the fastest person to respond. And when a number like this pops up, I just think wow, what great conversations we’ve had. Thank you so much for contributing to this little corner of cyberspace, I’m extremely grateful. And to show my thanks, I want to send a treat to the first person to comment on this post (and the 901st comment on this blog! :D )

What are you waiting for? Ready, set ….GO!

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2 thoughts on “900 Comments

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      First you are! YOU win a prize :) I shall send a carefully selected ninja-friendly prize to your ninja hideout or c/o your ninja undercover work address :)

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