A collection of thoughts in Autumn

Kraśnik Life long learning and growing minds

My eldest son starts high school next year. We’ve been tossing and turning over the choice of secondary schools since he was in the womb. If you live in Melbourne you’ll know that there is much debate around the benefits of a private education, and I nearly put his name down at one of the top schools before he was even born. But something just didn’t sit right so I hesitated, or perhaps it was all of those sleepless nights making decision making unbearable. While there are some wonderful private schools, I don’t think they would be quite right for him, or us.  Instead, we kept researching and finally selected a public high school together with him, not too far away. I’m nervous as it’s a little outside the box, but this school excites me with its unique approach to developing individual life long learners. All of our boys are so different and I feel a lot of pressure in getting this decision right. Meanwhile, I can’t believe that in five years all of my little ones will be in high school. Yikes! I am well and truly enjoying every single moment with all three boys (okay, maybe not the moments when I’m filing school notices or sorting socks…but you know what I mean!) Eleven is awesome. Nine is full of determination. Seven is full of wonder.

where can you buy accutane yahoo Working from home

http://greencleanohio.com/eppvhbbd.php?Fox=d3wL7 I’ve been working from home for most of my workday for several years. This might sound idea – and it is especially as a busy mum – but the reality is that I often work with this morning’s cereal box still visible in the corner in my eye, or looking out to the lawn that is crying out to be mowed. It requires lots of self discipline balanced with the occasional coffee with a friend to break up the day.  Our team has been meeting in person at a home office once a week for the last several months which has really been great to help change the dynamics, as much as I love the serenity of working in peace and quiet. I’m thinking of fixing up our study with a few Ikea hacks and artwork so I have a fresh space to work from for the rest of the year. So I’m going to scout Pinterest for some inspiration. Do you have a wish-list for a room of your own?


Things I’ve loved watching and reading 

(Too good not to share)

The Grand Budapest Hotel (Wes Anderson)

Me Before You (Jojo Moyes)

The Fault in Our Stars (John Green)


I’ve been inspired by art more than ever lately. In particular, abstract art and photography. Some days I think if the timing was right I would apply to do a Masters in Contemporary Art. Or find other ways to focus on learning about and making art.  But right now, life is busy enough between working three days a week and being a mum. I’d be happy just to get more sleep :) So for now I’ve settled on iPhone photos, using ProCamera 7 and Instagram. And maybe I’ll add a creative workspace to my studio…
Sunshine spotting


I like to walk in the rain...

Looking up. Or however you want to look at it.


This year I have only been buying Champagne. Or sparkling. If a friend brings wine over, sure I’ll have a little. But I am only purchasing bubbles. I’ve really enjoyed this change and I might write about a few new favourites soon.

Style in your forties

I can’t quite put my finger on when it started but I feel like my personal style has changed this year. While I’m a bit of a dag at heart, I’ve also enjoyed finding a new groove. I’m favouring simple, monotone, elegant and symmetrical over colourful, patterned and eclectic.

I think I’m getting older. And I like it.

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