A constant (art) work in progress

The more I paint, the more I want to paint. And draw. Invent. Take photos. Art seems to be exploding through my fingertips this year. It’s quite simply the sweet reward of practice, results of effort, and having a constant work in progress.

I’ve always been surrounded by art. My mum used to teach art, and she’s exhibited artwork herself. My stepmother encouraged me to make art too. When I moved to Melbourne a little over 20 years ago one of the first things I did was sign up to art gallery mailing lists so I could attend as many exhibition openings as possible. Life without art would just not be the same.

Part of a recent Friday night painting

Yet, while I love producing and surrounding myself with art – I still love to work in business. If I do one without the other, I feel like something’s missing. Once while working in admin for a publishing company I asked the editors to give me a break as an illustrator. To my pleasant surprise my illustrations were published in their magazines. Later I’d find myself managing a web studio, only to give it up to study animation and multimedia full time.

Then skip a few years, a wedding, digital media career, post graduate study and three children later and mysteriously (!)  all that extra time I thought parenthood would bring me for creativity never happened. Actually, I’ve had far less time for my art.

One thing I have learned though, is that you can make time for anything. So I’ve been making time to do the thing I love more and more this year. I’m enjoying my work managing an online publishing business, but I’m also aggressively pushing myself further into artistic explorations. I no longer feel the need to choose one path or the other. I love both.

And yes – I have plenty to catch up on, lots to learn, and more creative mediums to explore.

What to do on the weekend? I painted of course!

I also have places I need to visit. Like Heide Museum of Modern Art. I’ve finally renewed my membership so that I can visit whenever I like. More often, I hope.

Window paintings by
Mirka Mora

I want to visit some local Melbourne homes which have been set up as museums: the Justin Art House Museum and the Lyon House Museum.  There’s an exhibition at TarraWarra that I want to see and some smaller galleries I need to make time for, and of course the NGV. I’m happy to visit alone, but I’m also happy to visit with friends. Who’s coming with me? (Really, I’m incredibly grateful to have a husband and friends I can enjoy this artistic journey with…they encourage me greatly.)

To help document my journey back into art, I’m going to write here a little more often. You’ll notice I’ve simplified the categories here to include buy priligy in mumbai Art – featuring posts about art, photography and creativity, Palmdale Words – featuring posts about poetry and books and Great Falls Life – featuring posts about my everyday adventures, fundraising, technology and random ramblings. Some topics will probably still intersect – just like in life.


I’ve even created a new page called “Arthouse Robot” where I’ll slowly be adding personal works of art for sale and recommendations of artwork I personally enjoy. It’s a big step for me, and I’m a bit nervous, but I am so excited about bringing more art to life.

I hope you enjoy following this blog as I head along this more focused path. I’ll try to share highlights, as well as challenges and the people I meet along the way. I might even write some more creative notes.

But most of all, I intend to live a life filled with art, and to let art live through me.

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