A creative life, a successful life and the art of a happy life

Know what makes me happy? A creative life. As long as I include creative things in the life of my family, my work and in all areas of my life, I’m happy.

A creative life doesn’t just happen. It’s considered.


How to be creative

Look around. A creative moment might be found in the glass of water in front of you.
Early start at @businesschicks breakfast to hear @ItaButtrose speak 
Voila! Grab your iPhone and from another angle, it’s more than just a glass of water!

Go out and get inspired. It might be found in attending creative events. From art galleries, to performances, to hearing Ita Buttrose speak at a BusinessChicks breakfast this morning. Ita’s creativity shone through her approach to life “Tough times don’t laugh, but tough people do”. Problem solving and big thinking put into action. Thank you Ita!

Make a date. Get details of affordable upcoming events and venues emailed to you. If you like something, book it in. If you have kids, involve them. I just booked some tickets for our family to see a fun local theatre production. On a school night (gasp)

Walk. Your legs will thank you for it. So will your mind. But don’t forget to stop when you see special moments.
Golden Lining #sky

Read intentially. Recently I visited our local library while the kids were in drawing & woodwork classes after school. I enjoyed the luxury of having a whole hour to myself in that library, taking the time to look at a number of books and borrowing lots of beautiful books. From Haiku, to art books, folklore and biographies. My plan is to read them if I find myself wasting time reading unintentionally. To be more mindful of the words and pictures I surround myself. The only problem is I need a new bookcase! I also have a few ebooks in my Kindle app and a few creative blogs I like to read (Do you have any favourites?)

Do you add creative moments to your life?

It might take a little effort, but I find the reward of considered, creative moments in your life is just wonderful. I’ve listed just a few ideas above. How about you? What’s your favourite creative thing to do?

5 thoughts on “A creative life, a successful life and the art of a happy life

  1. Rose Wintergreen

    Absolutely! Great post. Read a great article recently about how the key difference between “creative people” and everyone else isn’t ability or talent – it’s about being more practised at capturing ideas as they happen.

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      Thanks Rose. I certainly hope to always become better at capturing ideas. It does take practice, that’s for sure :)

  2. Lisa Wood

    Starting to! never thought about it before, but its true. The more creative objects I have around me the better I feel. As I have started to now put into place what I know and work online its all coming together and that makes me happy!
    I love your water photo – reminds me of that experiment where they place nice words on the bottle of water and freeze it. And then put not very nice words on the bottle of water and freeze it.

    The difference at the end of the experiment is incredible!

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      Hi Lisa. I’d love to find out how you bring creative things and moments into your life when you have a small (mobile) home and always on the move? I can imagine that would bring its own restrictions (though I do think being resourceful is one of the most creative and fun challenges!)

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