A creative request

I love how technology, art and connection can all come together to perpetuate creativity. For instance, I put my art on Instagram simply because it helps me to let go. I let go of perfection. I silence the inner critic. And as much as I cringe at times, I make, share before I can think about it, progress with my artistic development, and before you know it there’s a few years of artwork I can view through a hashtag. Have I mentioned how fast time is flying, now that I have two teenagers already, and only one more year of my youngest boy in primary school?? Far out.

Anyway, to my surprise and delight, I received a request via an Instagram direct message asking for a commission painting! The lovely recipient commented on a few images of mine that she liked. I shared my progress as I went along, made some modifications and finally she not only liked, but says she loves the final result. It was not as nearly as hard as I thought it might be, and while it took some time on my weekends and evenings, I loved every minute. Insert happy dance!

I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. As much as I’m hearing about the evils of technology in the news, I think if you apply social media in a way that matches your integrity and passions, your very best creativity and connection with people in general can shine through.

Here’s the end result of this interaction, that started with me being vulnerable enough to put myself out there to begin with…



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