A little Wonderment update

Pomegranate seedsRaindrops on a gum leaf

Okay, so iPhones aren’t really suited to macro photography. But this creative challenge hasn’t been about taking technically perfect shots.

It’s a reminder that there is wonderment to be found in any given moment, any day. It’s the delight of shiny red seeds from a  pomegranate thanks to my in-laws https://shlclubhouse.org/nexium-online/ garden. It’s the discovery of a gumleaf near the letterbox cradling pretty rain droplets.

Do you have a photo you’d like to share? Please leave a link in a comment or add it to the Wonderment group and I’ll share images that inspire in my next post :)

2 thoughts on “A little Wonderment update

  1. Gavin Heaton

    I keep ummming and arrring over an iPhone. Should I wait, should I go? But the ease with which you have been able to take these shots and share them is making me think I should stop procrastinating ;)

  2. wonderwebby

    hi Gavin
    Yes easy peasy photo editing and updates. Fun. Convenient. Etc.

    There’s no way I regret getting an iPhone. If anything, it means I spend less time on my laptop :) – a much more augmented reality, if you like!

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