A mish mash of wonderings

What is the purpose of this blog? I’ve been pondering the question, especially as a blog is meant to be “on topic” ( a single topic..not such a mish mash of wonderings.)

I know I meander through many different themes. I’ve posted on topics of informal learning, personal branding, photography, writing, creative therapy, communication, design, working part time, motherhood, non profits, social media and virtual worlds. Some of the words here dip into social media marketing, some fall into the space of enterprise 2.0 …and a lot of it just falls into a bucket of bright and shiny objects to inspire. For a personal blog – like this one – does it matter?

So what’s the common theme? I hope that it’s “wondering about the wonderful webby things”. This is my interactive notepad where I like to muse on creativity, innovation, people and technology. I’d love for it to be a place where you share your insights, observations, and wonderment too. I love it when you comment!

I also like to share beautiful images with you – like this one uploaded on Flickr by RemediateThis.

Why? Because I’d like to think that we can all wonder and be inspired – at work and at home – using technology and design to connect, to dream and to make a difference.

What do you think this blog is about? Does it matter that wonderwebby is not “just about” one of the topics I mentioned?