A mish mash of wonderings

do you need a prescription for cytotec in mexico What is the purpose of this blog? I’ve been pondering the question, especially as a blog is meant to be “on topic” ( a single topic..not such a mish mash of wonderings.)

http://thmiii.com/viewpoints/10 I know I meander through many different themes. I’ve posted on topics of informal learning, personal branding, photography, writing, creative therapy, communication, design, working part time, motherhood, non profits, social media and virtual worlds. Some of the words here dip into social media marketing, some fall into the space of enterprise 2.0 …and a lot of it just falls into a bucket of bright and shiny objects to inspire. For a personal blog – like this one – does it matter?

So what’s the common theme? I hope that it’s “wondering about the wonderful webby things”. This is my interactive notepad where I like to muse on creativity, innovation, people and technology. I’d love for it to be a place where you share your insights, observations, and wonderment too. I love it when you comment!

I also like to share beautiful images with you – like this one uploaded on Flickr by RemediateThis.

Why? can you buy Clomiphene from a pharmacy Because I’d like to think that we can all wonder and be inspired – at work and at home – using technology and design to connect, to dream and to make a difference.

What do you think this blog is about? Does it matter that wonderwebby is not “just about” one of the topics I mentioned?

7 thoughts on “A mish mash of wonderings

  1. Viv McWaters

    You’ve mirrored my thoughts exactly. I think there’s space in blogland for targeted blogs and for exploratory ones. I especially like blogs that ask questions, explore the world in general, provide inspiration and don’t take themselves too seriously. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

  2. adamclyde

    It depends on who you are blogging for. I blog not for an audience. I blog, primarily, for myself. To organize thoughts and interests in one place. I don’t think there’s anyone on earth who shares my thoughts and interests completely. (unless there’s a way to combine PR, social media and food obsessiveness in one) So my blog is, basically written for an audience of one. And that’s perfectly fine for me.

    I read your blog because I find your perspective interesting. So really it doesn’t have to be about one thing or another. Your personality is what I read. And that transcends the topic.

  3. Lee Hopkins

    I totally agree with Adam – it depends on who you are blogging for, as well as the purpose of your blog.

    If your purpose is to share a large element of who you are — mother, lover of beauty, ibmer, supporter of causes, woman, member of humanity, photographer, etc., etc., etc,. [see your tag cloud] — then your blog is perfectly within its boundaries to blog about all this and more.

    If your blog is deliberately set up and promoted around one theme — say, business communication — then to have more than two or three memes encapsulated within it will only serve to confuse, annoy and alienate some of your audience, readership, friends, etc.

    You don’t have a ‘tagline’ under ‘WonderWebby’, giving you and your blog freedom to be whatever you/it wants to be.

    Perhaps you might want to consider adding a tagline so that new visitors to the wonderful ideas playground that is WonderWebby know what to expect: the unexpected.

    Hoping we get the chance to coffee one day…


  4. Jonathan Racicot

    I also agree with Adam and somewhat with Lee. As for me, I write to learn, to get more knowledge. It forces me to do research, go to the library and understand new concepts, new things and explore new domains.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s only about one subject. If your blog is around one subject, but you do it for yourself and it makes your extremely good in that particular domain, then it’s wonderful. And if you found some people that are as passionate as your are for that specific field of research, it’s even better. But in the end, you’re just writing because you like it.

    Me 2 cents.
    Have a nice day ;)

  5. Joanna Young

    I feel like I’m getting your perspective here, which I find interesting, and also finding out new ways of doing things (of a webby kind) in a way that’s engaging, intriguing, and creative. It certainly works for me!


    PS I loved that photo too.

  6. wonderwebby

    It’s so interesting for me to read your thoughts on targeted blogs, exploratory blogs, audience and blogging just for fun.

    Viv and Kelly, thank you – it’s nice to know I can wander around a lil’ :)

    Adam, I agree some of my favourite blogs are full of personality, even though they have nothing to do with social media or technology.

    Lee it will be nice to have a coffee with yourself and a few others when we are in Adelaide next. Mind you, there will be three little monkeys running around my feet :)

    Jonathan – yes I completely understand the angle of learning by blogging. I find it helps me to gather my thoughts, improve my communication and assess what I am learning each week. Even better, I find it’s a great way to connect with like minds.

    Joanna thanks for sharing :) I do appreciate that you read and comment on my blog – even though I live so, so far away from you. Isn’t that great?!

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