A month of creating: June

can i buy antabuse online There’s something inside me that just loves to create; a desire to write, capture, explore and draw. However, artistic aspirations only turn into reality with a certain amount of effort. Not only does it take time, but it can take mental headspace (which can get eaten up between work and family) physical space and determination. Do you know the feeling… you think it would be a good idea to do more creative things, only to find life happens and your canvas is alas, blank once again? Well I’m ready to kick creative’s rut in June…and here’s why.

Back in April I saw The Black Rose exhibition by Australian photographer Trent Parke – an exhibition that spans the entire basement of the Art Gallery of South Australia. Not only was his art mesmerising, but I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume and quality of work created over seven years and based on the theme of “home”. Surrounded by expressions, impressions and punchy images, my imagination lit up. His biographical photography was so powerful that some images clawed their way into my brain and chest. Although we couldn’t stay long enough to see everything, I left more determined to learn more about this exhibition, about the artist and to start producing more art myself.


The boys descending the steps into the Trent Parke exhibition at Art Gallery SA (photo, mine)

After a quick painting 101 brush-up from my artistic mother, we returned home and I bought new supplies to replace the dried-up paint tubes which had been in storage. While I admit I’m a little out of practice, it was so fulfilling to spend time splashing colours around on canvas paper, music up loud, with my mum’s words in my head “don’t be afraid to attack the canvas…just start.” I used some old sketches from my life drawing classes for a little inspiration…

Painting by me #saturdaynightpainting

(2nd attempt at painting – picture and photo mine)

Yes, I want to produce more creative work, improve my skills, sharpen my imagination and write here more often. And it’s not easy with a family of five to care for. Hey, it wasn’t even easy when I was young and single. For whatever reason..ultimately it just takes some mental, physical and emotional effort…

http://nikkoparklodge.com/timeline.line.me/social-plugin/share?url=http://nikkoparklodge.com/sightseeing/ So this month I’m setting myself a creative challenge for a cause.  I’m going to paint, sketch, write poems, take photos, cook, create, write random words…whatever I can every single day this month. Most importantly, I’m doing this to help raise awareness and $7000 towards the wonderful work World Vision Australia is doing in Nepal.

I’m not sure where to start, so I’d love any suggestions of ideas you’d love to see me tackle. Just leave a comment and let me know, but of course if you donate I’ll be even more inclined to have a go ;-) I’ll be using the hashtag where to buy provigil in malaysia #createforNepal and I don’t mind if you join in too…But above all, please remember to share or donate to this fundraising page. I’t’s not too late to donate and funds are still needed.

And so, here is today’s little contribution…a little evening ditty for my family

Welcome, make this your home
Your place, your space.
Whisper, echo, shout and sing
Do this, with me.
Right now, this day.
Together we do, we share, we live
For this, our home of hearts.

Seen in life

Sunflower (photo mine from last week, random ditty mine, written now…)

Please help the work of World Vision Australian in Nepal. Donate at https://nepalappeal2015.everydayhero.com/au/wonderwebby

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