A quiet, creative giveaway

Last year before I headed off on my big trip to New York, I wanted to load up some books onto my Kindle app for the flight, so I asked for some book suggestions on Twitter. Thomas Baekdal tweeted about Susan Cain’s book Quiet, the Power of Introverts in a world that can’t stop talking and I’m grateful for his recommendation …I really enjoyed it.  Now, this isn’t a sponsored post. It’s one of those coincidental things where I liked a book, and Penguin happened to offer me five copies to give away!

Susan’s book is wonderful because it gives introverts permission to be creative without having to put on big, bold personalities. You can watch her TED talk here (Bill Gates recently named it as one of his top 13 TED talks!)

Creativity doesn’t have to be big, bold and assertive either. It doesn’t have to make an announcement when you see it “I’m HERE!” to make an entrance. And as Susan Cain points out in her TED talk, some of the most creative people are not the loudest.

So, if you would like to get your hands on her book Quiet all you need to do is this:

1. You’ll need to live in Australia – sorry, but postage costs would make it too expensive for me to post overseas.

2. Leave a comment below before midnight Sunday 10th March 2013 linking to one of your own photos (I’ll make it easier for you…just leave a comment!)

3. I will draw 5 random people from the comments below and email them to arrange delivery of the book.

That’s it!

Happy commenting!

8 thoughts on “A quiet, creative giveaway

  1. Kylie

    Creativity viewed through extroverts eyes is often LOUD and this can grate on introverts who need space, quietness and a dose of self-compassion before their creative muse appears.

    Some of the most grounded and creative people I know use each precious moment of their day to allow their creativity to gently emerge – from they way they wear their scarf to the way they offer a slice of cake with tea.

  2. Jess

    I don’t live in Australia right now, so I guess I can’t enter, but I wanted to thank you for drawing my attention to this. It’s something I struggle a lot with working in California, in an office of loud, big-personality (and bigger ego) coworkers!

  3. Minesh Lalla

    Being an introvert I have been wanting to get my hands on this book for a long time. I have had it on my task list for sometime now, since ‘The Project’ had a segment on extroverts vs. introverts and how society is built around extroverts to shine…Thanks for drawing my attention to this again! Either way I will get my hands on the book! Such a great TED Talk…GO INTROVERTS!

  4. Naomi Creek

    There’s 100s of fantastical ideas inside my mind and I only wish I could make but a few reality.

    Thanks for the opportunity to go into the draw :)

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