A very wonderwebby birthday

Can you believe it? Wonderwebby is ONE! Over the last twelve months I have somehow shared 103 posts worth of random thoughts, notes of interest and even a few things about myself. You have left your own thoughts and comments, which I always thoroughly appreciate! As I write this wonderwebby has a modest number of subscribers (thank you!), is ranked number 27,142 on Technorati and number 99 on Australia’s Ratified (admittedly largely thanks to the Age of Conversation link love – a project I may not have volunteered for without confidence in writing gained by blogging.)

Apparently I write about web2.0, social media, virtual worlds, art & design, creative therapy, learning & business and a couple of posts on balancing motherhood and work. Blogging here (and social media in general) has helped me rediscover some things I enjoy. I find blogging to be such a good exercise in writing, thinking, sharing, conversation, expression, learning and discovery.

Please take a moment to comment and say hello to help celebrate my blog’s birthday :) I’d love it if you could share why you subscribed or visited in the first place. What type of content would you like to read more of? Which posts have you enjoyed? Thanks so much for visiting!

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18 thoughts on “A very wonderwebby birthday

  1. barryeverett

    Let’s go back 8 months, a small geologic time but eons in Web 2.0 timekeeping, to my comment on one of your posts: “Thanks for corroboration that collaboration is the message, not the medium that we seek.” To that I add: “A very merry [un]birthday to you, to you.” (in my best attempt at a Mad Hatter’s Smile). Every day I get up thinking, I can’t wait to see what will happen next. Barry

  2. Luis Suarez

    Whoooaaaahhh! Awesome! So quick already?!?! Well, what can I say, Jazz! Perhaps only comments that are coming through my mouth now is that the mentee has exceeded way beyond the level of reach and authority that one of the mentor! At least, that’s what Technorati keeps saying and for that you cannot believe how *incredibly proud* I surely am to see Wonderwebby having a space in each and everyone of our hearts! CONGRATULATIONS, Jazz! A huge achievement!

    What could I suggest as next steps for the following years to come, many more of those, by the way, I am certain!, for Wonderwebby? Well, just one perhaps: be yourself, who you have been all along, and with that we would all be more than happy and content!

    Don’t change! :-D

    And congratulations once again! Here is to another 5 or 10 years of stardom out there in the Blogosphere!!

  3. wonderwebby

    thanks so much Pranab, Euan, Kerry, Ryan, Lee, Barry, James, Luis and Kieran! you made me smile :)

    Luis, goodness me – thanks! I certainly hope to continue to be myself.

    I know my posts do swing around between tone and topic (business and personal) as I discover my voice. Hopefully all the posts fit into the category of webby wonderment and fresh perspectives. Sometimes I look back at posts and cringe, other times it’s like looking back through a visual journal of the last twelve months where others have also left their comments.

    I think of this blog as an extension of my thoughts – just as if I put my desk in my front yard and punched a hole into my living room wall. It’s like inner city living where your neighbours say hi to you when you sit out the front or go to the park, unlike suburban living where people can be more guarded and live in their backyards.

    Thanks again

  4. Luis Suarez

    Exactly! Wonderwebby *is* an extension of who you are! Don’t change it, you are doing just fine, Jazz! It is that mix of personal and business perspectives that makes blogging very attractive and addictive and your Technorati ranking, if you pay attention to it, is a good indication of where you are heading! Keep it up and share with us the various goodies from Wonderwebby! That’s all we need ;-)

    Have a good one and happy bloggiversary!!

  5. adreich

    happy happy bloggiversary
    in the short time i have been following your blog i have been inspired and i just love it.

    thanks for sharing you on the web

  6. wonderwebby

    Thanks so much @adreich

    @andypiper well of course you were the one who encouraged me to share my thoughts out here in the first place!! thanks muchly

  7. ringlerun

    happy birthday wonderwebby :)

    i have been missing in action for a while… but now am back :) and catching up on your posts was a very good part of getting back … they are very insightful and full of creativity :)

  8. wonderwebby

    Heeey Ringlerun!

    Nice to have you around again. And thanks. I’m not sure about the insightful or creative bit lately..have had my head in Training Needs Analysis land so posts have been short, sweet and light!


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