A volunteer's reward

If you have ever considered doing some volunteer work you might want to take a look at Volunteering Unplugged. Seek Volunteer kindly asked me to write a blog post for their newly launched site. From my Volunteering Unplugged blog post:

“If you feel like you would like to do something to make a difference – just take the first step. Set aside some time. And let people know what you want to do. One of the best rewards for volunteering apart from the end result, is the community you meet. You never know how things will turn out, because there are many wonderful people who will join with you along the way.”….read more from this post along with stories from other volunteers such as Life in Mono , Firebug Theme , Miss McMuffin , Autumn Leaves , Blogpost.com , Sheila’s Wonderings , The life of an Audit Diva , Adspace-Pioneers , Servant of Chaos , Corporate Engagement , Consumer Psychologist , and Imaginif

A little while after I submitted my blog post for Volunteering Unplugged I was ecstatic to discover that Seek Volunteer together with Naked Communication made a generous donation of $500  towards my $10,000 fundraiser for a Filipino Trust Group project against poverty.What a wonderful surprise  – thank you!

Do you volunteer? What makes it a rewarding experience for you?

2 thoughts on “A volunteer's reward

  1. Claire McLennan

    I have done various ‘spots’ of volunteer work over my life – some as an individual and some through organised volunteer groups. All have been enormously rewarding. I do genuinely feel better knowing my effort has helped someone else experience a bit of ‘sunshine’. When i break that down, perhaps the biggest thing i get from it is a personal benefit??? However, if it helps me and someone else it’s a win-win and that’s only a good thing, yeah?!?

    Ultimately, and I know many people don’t see the world through as rose coloured glasses as i do, i think we all walk this planet together and we all have a responsibility to help each other and live/work in harmony. Sometimes the help comes from your wallet, sometimes time in your diary and sometimes a bit of emotional help… but at the end of the day a bit of volunteering from all of us makes it a better place for everyone.

    1. wonderwebby

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience Claire. I agree, it doesn’t always have to come from your wallet – we can make a difference in many ways. Always glad to know a rose coloured glasses wearing person :)

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